Simple DIY Garage Door Maintenance and Repair

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Maintain your garage door by yourself in a simple and easiest way. Increase the lifespan of your doors by doing little effort on them. If you want to maintain it professionally you can hire the quality services of CLICK-IT OVERHEAD GARAGE DOORS. For more details visit:


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S i m p l e D I Y G a r a g e D o o r M a i n t e n a n c e a n d R e p a i r :

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To maintain your garage door there are many small and simple thing you can easily do.

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To reduce any type of noise issue coming from the door you just need to properly lubricate all hinges rollers and moving parts. This will keep the opening of your garage door smooth and easy. LUBRICATE MOVING PARTS AND SPRINGS:

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R E P L A C E B O T T O M S E A L O F W O R N G A R A G E D O O R : If you have bottom seal of old garage door Your can easily replace it by yourself. You just have to remove the seal and reattach it to the door.Good seal on your garage door will be helpfull to retain the heat better and protect the door from the water.

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C H E C K I N G C A B L E S A N D S P R I N G S : Avoid to fix springs and cables by yourself because it needs to be done professionally but you can give them teh a visual inspection twice in a year.Check if any rust intact to the springs and cables urgently call the professional garage door services for its detailed inspection.

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