10 Amazing Facts About HDPE Plastic

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Being the most versatile plastic, it is very useful across various industries. High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) applications range from food packaging to medical packaging and construction. For all your HDPE Plastic needs, visit: https://www.spiratex.com


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The characteristics of High Density Polyethylene HDPE are exactly same as it sounds like. It carries a higher density of polyethylene as compared to other grades of PE. High Density Polyethylene is created from petroleum. Being lightweight and strong versatile in nature recyclable and chemical resistance are the main features of HDPE. w w w . s p i r a t e x . c o m

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Know here some interesting features and facts about HDPE Plastic:

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As discussed above HDPE carriers higher density despite that it is lightweight and very strong in nature and has excellent impact strength. Being lightweight it results in less solid waste by weight. LIGHTWEIGHT AND STRONG:

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HDPE CAN BE RECYCLED AT LEAST TEN TIMES: Expert testings have shown that HDPE bottles can be recycled and reused as new bottles at least ten times. They have also added that recycling should be done under controlled circumstances.

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EFFECTIVE MOISTURE BARRIER: HDPE is very useful for those applications where moisture resistance is the main requirement. It has a Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate MVTR of 0.5

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HDPE provides good resistance to different chemicals organic solvents degreasing agents and electrolytic attack. Due to this property bottles made from HDPE are used to store milk or juices for months. A GOOD CHEMICAL RESISTANT:

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NON TOXIC IN NATURE: HDPE is non toxic in nature no harmful emission is produced during the time of production. HDPE bottles used by the consumers are totally safe even this material is also safe for soil and water as it never leaks any toxic chemicals.

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High Density Polyethylene offers protection from Ultra Violet rays which keep the plastic products resistant to the ray’s damaging and discoloring effects. UV PROTECTION:

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HIGHLY MALLEABLE IN NATURE: Being highly Malleable it can be easily designed and molded into nearly any shape you can think of. IMPACT STRENGTH: Due to its impact strength HDPE products can withstand extreme heat as well as temperatures below freezing point.

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HIGHLY VERSATILE IN NATURE: Being the most versatile plastic it is very useful across various industries. High Density Polyethylene HDPE applications range from food packaging to medical packaging and construction. We almost handle an HDPE Plastic bottle or container on the daily basis.

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Some surveys and studies have linked BPA to a host of diseases and conditions. These include but are not limited to: HDPE FOOD CONTAINERS ARE BPA FREE:

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BPA is responsible for lipid metabolism obesity. It elevated rates of liver toxicity diabetes and heart disease. OTHER DISEASES Aneuploidy Down’s syndrome leading to other birth defects and even miscarriage. ANEUPLOIDY Cancers including breast and prostate cancer. CANCERS OBESITY

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HDPE plastic is safe for storing perishable goods such as milk but it is not safe long-term food storage. Removing odors and residues from high- density polyethylene is very difficult. It is used to make many products such as trash cans toys soda bottles traffic cones and outdoor furniture. www.spiratex.com | 734-992-7229

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