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Positive Post-Its : 

Positive Post-Its By: Anna Orndorff & Keli Murdock

Purpose? : 

Purpose? The purpose of Positive Post-Its was to a promote a positive self image for young women especially on our college campus. We had examples from magazines like Cosmopolitan and People showing how women are depicted in a negative light. We also had many different people stop by to fill out their own positive post-it.

People With Their Positive Post-Its : 

People With Their Positive Post-Its

What We Did… : 

What We Did… We actually did the majority of the work. We organized the whole project, got permission from student services to use Borchuck Plaza,and stayed their all day to observe which included setting up and breaking down. We also took the majority of photos and video documentation.

What We Liked…Disliked : 

What We Liked…Disliked We liked the amount of attention and responses we received from both men and women. We had a lot of positive feedback as well. We didn’t really appreciate some attitudes we saw from both a faculty member and a member of a respected campus group. We also didn’t appreciate how some of our classmates who said they would be there never showed up, making us stay longer than we had to.

What Worked and What Didn’t : 

What Worked and What Didn’t The magazine articles of which we ripped out really worked for us because we taped them to the ground and it really grabbed peoples attention by seeing first hand what we were working for. What didn’t work was after people wrote their positive post-it, they ended up leaving it with us instead of posting them somewhere or giving it to someone else.

Room For Improvement : 

Room For Improvement We definitely had room for improvement… We would have advertised a whole lot more Started planning sooner Been more organized in general And possibly provided snacks for participants

Thanks!! : 

Thanks!! We both really enjoyed this class and are actually glad we participated in this activism project because it has opened our eyes to the growing issue of negative body image in our younger generations.

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