Energy and Nanotechnology


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Motivation : 


Energy and Nanotechnology : 

Energy and Nanotechnology Ankush Bagga

Sources : 


Nano for Energy : 

Nano for Energy Increased surface area Interface and size effects

Nanoscience Research for Energy Needs : 

Nanoscience Research for Energy Needs Catalysis by nanoscale materials Using interfaces to manipulate energy carriers Linking structures and function at the nanoscale Assembly and architecture of nanoscale structures Theory, modeling, and simulation for energy nanosciences Scalable synthesis methods

Examples : 

Examples Grätzel cell for photovoltaic generation and water splitting Catalytic nanostructured hydrogen storage materials Radiation transport to maximize absorption Two phase flow Electrochemical transport Multiscale, multiphysics transport Mass transport Heat transfer (intake and release) Small scale thermodynamics Two phase flow Multiscale and multiphysics

Thermoelectrics Devices : 

Thermoelectrics Devices Figure of Merit: Thermal Conductivity Electrical Conductivity Seebeck Coefficient Critical Challenges: Reduce phonon heat conduction while maintaining or enhancing electron transport Electron Phonon Power Generation: T(hot)=500 C, T (cold)=50 C ZT=1, Efficiency = 8 % ZT=3, Efficiency =17 % ZT=5, Efficiency =22 % Refrigeration

Nanoscale Effects for Thermoelectrics : 

Nanoscale Effects for Thermoelectrics Electron Phonon Interfaces that Scatter Phonons but not Electrons Molecular Dynamics (Freund)

State-of-the-Art in Thermoelectrics : 

State-of-the-Art in Thermoelectrics

Potential Applications : 

In US, transportation uses ~26% of total energy. Potential Applications Transportation

Challenges and Opportunities : 

Challenges and Opportunities Mass production of nanomaterials Energy systems: high heat flux

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