Fundamentals of Nanoscience


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Fundamentals of Nanoscience : 

1 Fundamentals of Nanoscience

Welcome : 

2 Welcome Instructor Hans Mikelson Hans rhymes with chance Mikelson starts with Mike My background – Eau Claire native, UWEC, BS in Chemistry, Math & CS, Cray Research, SGI, USTC, NL Semi, CVTC Hobbies – Skiing, canoeing, movies, gaming, computer music & graphics, science fiction/fantasy

Student Introductions : 

3 Student Introductions Introductions Class Photos Student Rights – Show respect to each other Nanoscience Laboratory Safety

Syllabus : 

4 Syllabus Nanotechnology for Dummies Richard Booker and Earl Boysen Grading – Exams, quizzes, worksheets, labs, participation Supplies – Calculator, exam notebook Schedule

Introduction to Nanoscience : 

FNI 1A 5 Introduction to Nanoscience

Additional Information : 

6 Additional Information Course Packet Community and Networks The International Nanoscience Community Facebook: CVTC Nanoscience Technology Club Nanoclub Computer usage Professionalism Office Communicator Blackboard Why Nano?

What type of person might take nanoscience? : 

7 What type of person might take nanoscience? HS to high tech industry technician. Enhancing another associate degree. Computer programming Marketing Paralegal Medical technologist Enhancing a four year degree. Pursue a four year degree through articulation with a university. A first step towards an advanced degree. An investor or entrepreneur who wants to learn more about nanotechnology. Others?

Program Requirements : 

FNI 1A 8 Program Requirements FIRST TERM Credits 635-100    Fundamentals of Nanoscience I 3 801-195    Written Communications 3 804-118    Interm Algebra w Apps 4 806-134    General Chemistry 4 or 806-245 Princ of Gen Chemistry (5)   Total 14 (15) SECOND TERM 635-101    Fundamentals of Nanoscience II 3 635-118 Nano Cell Biology 4 804-189    Introductory Statistics 3 806-154    General Physics 1 4 809-196    Introduction to Sociology 3   Total 17 SUMMER TERM 801-196    Oral/Interpersonal Comm 3 809-198    Introduction to Psychology 3 Total 6

Slide 9: 

9 THIRD TERM 635-103    Nanoelectronics 3 635-104    Nanobiotechnology/Agricultural 3 635-105    Nanomaterials 3 635-117    Nanoscience Manufacturing 3 801-197    Technical Reporting 3 Total 15 FOURTH TERM 635-108    Micro and Nano Fabrication 3 635-112    Micro & Nano Fabrication Lab 1 635-110    Thin Film Deposition/MEMS 4 635-109    Princ & Applic Nanobiotechnlgy 3 635-114    Nanoparticles & Biochips Lab 1 635-111    Intro to Materials Characteriz 3 UWEC 635-113    Materials Characterization Lab 1 UWEC Total 16 635-115    Industry Internship or Independent Study 1

Other information : 

10 Other information Capstone semester U of MN option Internships or Independent Study Nanorite Center Conferences

What’s a Nano? : 

11 What’s a Nano? Nano means one billionth A nanometer is one billionth of a meter. The Nanoscale involves the range from approximately 100 nm to 1 nm.

Define Nanotechnology in your own words : 

12 Define Nanotechnology in your own words

Define Nanotechnology in Five Words or Less : 

FNI 1A 13 Define Nanotechnology in Five Words or Less Making things out of atoms.

National Nanotechnology InitiativeDefinition of Nanotechnology : 

14 National Nanotechnology InitiativeDefinition of Nanotechnology While many definitions for nanotechnology exist, the NNI calls it "nanotechnology" only if it involves all of the following:1. Research and technology development at the atomic, molecular or macromolecular levels, in the length scale of approximately 1 - 100 nanometer range.2. Creating and using structures, devices and systems that have novel properties and functions because of their small and/or intermediate size.3. Ability to control or manipulate on the atomic scale.

Slide 15: 

FNI 1A 15 A single Lego

Slide 16: 

16 A single atom

The Periodic TableThe Nano Lego Set : 

FNI 1A 17 The Periodic TableThe Nano Lego Set

Assignment : 

18 Assignment Science Nature Nanotoday Semiconductor International Microscopy and Analysis Photonics Chemical & Engineering News Nano Letters (ACS) Find an article on some aspect of Nanoscience or Nanotechnology that interests you in the news and write a summary of the article. Magazines Web Sites

The Nano Industry : 

19 The Nano Industry Equipment suppliers Advanced materials Electronics Biotechnology Healthcare Energy Defense and security Environment

The Nano Industry : 

20 The Nano Industry Equipment suppliers Imago Instruments – Atom probe microscope Hysitron Inc Thermo electron Advanced materials 3M Cima Nanotech Electronics – A natural progression Intel HP Motorola IBM Biotechnology Platypus Bioforce Nanoscience Ace Ethanol Healthcare Medtronic Boston Scientific Energy Nanodynamics – Fuel cells Konarka – Flexible solar panels Cymbet Defense and security Detecting explosives and bio agents MIT Institute of Soldier Nanotechnologies

The Nano Industry : 

21 The Nano Industry NNI NNIN MRSEC NanoHUB Conferences: NSTI, UMN, Nanorite Center Nano in the News

Future of Nanotechnology : 

22 Future of Nanotechnology “Nanotechnology products worldwide will be $2.6 Trillion or 15% of global manufacturing output.” Investing in Nanotechnology -- Jack Uldrich Enablers and tools: Hysitron, Imago Nanomaterials: Carbon Nanotechnologies, Aspen Aerogels Fortune 500 Companies: 3M, Affymetrix, Cabot, Dow, Dupont, Kodak, Texaco, AMD, GE, HP, IBM, Intel, Motorola, NEC Disrupters: Bioforce Nanoscience, Nanosolar

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