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WHAT IS…? : 



MARKETING Sine Qua Non of Business “Without This Nothing”


MARKETING Meeting customer needs Exchange: Quid pro Quo (This for That) Creating, Promoting & Delivering: Goods & Services

Where can marketing be used? : 

Where can marketing be used? Traditional Businesses Not-For-Profit Companies Institutions Social Organizations Social Causes and Ideas Politics Sports and Entertainment

Markets : 

Markets All actual and potential customers Can’t be all things to all people, so break up total market into segments Each segment is comprised of people who are grouped by their similarity along some dimensions

Slide 15: 

Be sure segment is big enough.

Slide 16: 

Understand the segments

Slide 17: 

Use demographics & psychographics

Market Segments and Positioning : 

Market Segments and Positioning Target Segments Market research is critical to identify and understand target segment(s) Position to be most attractive to target segment: Use Marketing Mix

Marketing Mix: The Four Ps : 

Marketing Mix: The Four Ps Product Price Promotion Place

Product : 


Product : 

Product Benefits delivered to customers Features Size Options Packaging Warranties Service

Price : 

Price Price can be an indicator of quality Discounts Bundling Volume Wholesale Retail

Promotion : 

Promotion Paid Advertising What most people think Personal Selling B2B and B2C Sales Promotion Coupons, contests, events, sponsorship Public Relations Media, Stakeholders, Government

Place AKA Distribution : 

Place AKA Distribution Wholesaling Retailing Direct Marketing Logistics

Career Opportunities I : 

Career Opportunities I Strategy: Products, Markets CEO, executive level decisions Sales Customer Interaction B2B/B2C Great place to start; know customers Advertising Reaching target market Choosing vehicles Budgets

Career Opportunities II : 

Career Opportunities II Public Relations Deal with media and investors Lobbying Research Need analytical skills Surveys, test markets, scanner data Product Design product, package, label, logos

Career Opportunities III : 

Career Opportunities III Brand Management Responsible for entire brand Distribution: wholesale, retail, logistics Need computer skills Detail-oriented Deadlines Customer Service Good people skills Patience

Career Opportunities IV : 

Career Opportunities IV Purchasing and Materials Management Negotiation Computers/Organization Events Planning Trade shows and Conventions Golf Tournaments Database Management & Direct Marketing Computer skills

Slide 29: 

MARKETING COURSES MKT 3350 Intro to Marketing MKT 3352 Buyer Behavior MKT 3353 Marketing Channels and Distribution MKT 3356 Market Research & Analysis MKT 4351 Retail Management MKT 4354 Market Promotion MKT 4358 International Marketing MKT 4359 Sales Management (Excellent!) MKT 4381 Individual Problems in Marketing MKT 4382 Internship in Marketing MKT 4383 Special Topics in Marketing

Slide 30: 

Third Year Schedule BLAW 3391 Business Law FIN 3320 Corp Finance MGT 3370 Organization & Mgt. MGT 3373 Managerial Comm. MKT 3350 Intro to Marketing ISQS 3344 Production & Oper. Mgt. MKT 3356 Mkt. Research & Analysis MKT 3352 Buyer Behavior Two electives FALL SPRING

Slide 31: 

Fourth Year Schedule ECO 3311 Intermediate Macro 2 MKT electives Free Elective Non-BA Elective MGT 4380 Administrative Policy 2 MKT electives Group B Free Elective FALL SPRING

For further information: : 

For further information: The Marketing Association Best Academic/Professional Organization at Texas Tech 2001-2002 The American Marketing Association

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