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Definition : 

Definition Artificial intelligence. Synthetic intelligence. Computational intelligence.

Mean of machine intelligence : 

Mean of machine intelligence Combines a wide variety of advanced technologies to give machines the ability to learn, adapt, make decisions, and display behaviors not explicitly programmed into their original capabilities

Capabilities : 

Capabilities Fuzzy logic. Bayes theorem. Genetic and evolutionary Algorithms. Stastical learning

Graph of machine intelligence : 

Graph of machine intelligence

Fuzzy logic : 

Fuzzy logic Provides a framework for dealing mathematically and logically with ambiguous and elastic concepts It has a wide spectrum in expert system, neural networks, clustering, decision trees, and many forms of machine learning.

Bayes theorem : 

Bayes theorem It is a way of rigorously combining new evidence to decide whether some assertion is true or false

Genetic algorithm : 

Genetic algorithm It is a search and optimization techniques that work in a manner similar to natural selection. From the large number of solutions that gives better better answers are retained.

Statistical Learning : 

Statistical Learning Comprises a closely related set of techniques for learning system behavior form the statistical characteristics of the data.

What it adds? : 

What it adds? Machine Intelligence capabilities add powerful analytical, self-tuning, self-healing, and adaptive behavior to client applications. They also comprise the core technologies, advanced data mining and knowledge discovery services.

Insights and Tools : 

Insights and Tools Computer science. Psychology. Philosophy. Neuroscience. Cognitive science. Operations research. Economics, etc

Applications : 

Applications Robotics Data mining Cantrol system Scheduling Speech recognition Facial recognition

Case study: Robotics : 

Case study: Robotics The field of robotics is closely related to AI. Various tasks : Object manipulation. Navigation. Localization. Mapping. Motion planning.

Definition : 

Definition A robot is a mechanical or virtual artificial agent. In practice, it is usually an electro-mechanical system which, by its appearance or movements, conveys a sense that it has agency of its own

Types: : 

Types: Health care Domestic Military defense Space travel Household Manufacturing

Mars rover project. It is a A.I robot run by nassa, for space exploration : 

Mars rover project. It is a A.I robot run by nassa, for space exploration

….continues : 

….continues Robots like this are extremely helpful in the progress in science as it is impossible for any human been to get to mars and walk on its surface . The most important part of this robot would be its "sensor". Without this it could not relay digital images back to earth or move around as it could not communicate with the controller

Asimo a humanoid robot created by Honda. : 

Asimo a humanoid robot created by Honda. Height is around 130 cms and weight is 54 Kgs. Running speed 6 km per hour

Asimo uses sensors and intelligent algos to avoid obstacles & navigate stairs : 

Asimo uses sensors and intelligent algos to avoid obstacles & navigate stairs

….asimo do : 

….asimo do Recognition of moving objects : Using the visual information captured by the camera mounted in its head. Recognition of postures and gestures: asimo can react to and be directed by not only voice commands, but also to the natural movements of human beings

….continues : 

….continues Environment recognition: ASIMO can recognize the objects and terrain of its environment and act in a way that is safe for both itself and nearby humans. Facial recognition: has the ability to recognize faces.It can recognize 10different faces. Once they are registered it can address them by name.

Example of House hold robot. : 

Example of House hold robot.

….continues : 

….continues The Roomba Vacuum cleaner is an autonomous robot which cleans floors. The robot moves on 'Beetle-y' wheels, can be controlled by an infra-red remote. Sensor is also very important here.

Speech Recognition : 

Speech Recognition Speech recognition converts spoken words to machine-readable input. It is also known as automatic speech recognition.

Applications: : 

Applications: Health care. Military. Helicopters. Battle management. Telephony and other domains. People with Disabilities.

Case study: Helicopters : 

Case study: Helicopters The objective here is of getting accurate commands under stress & noise. Achieving high recognition accuracy.

What is the problem? : 

What is the problem? The acoustic noise problem is more severe in the helicopter environment, because of the high noise levels. Pilot generally does not wear a facemask.

Product Available : 

Product Available Lumen Vox: It is a accurate and affordable speech recognition product. Speech Engine: speech recognizer that supports multiple languages and can perform speech recognition on audio data from any audio source. Tuning :It is a a complete tuning and maintenance tool.

Demo : 

Demo A demo can be experience Just call 1-877-977-0707say "Demo" "order" a pizza using speech recognition.

4th National Conference on Machine Intelligence NCMI-2008 : 

4th National Conference on Machine Intelligence NCMI-2008 Organized by Center for Advanced Technology and IETE Chandigarh Was on 22-23 August, 2008

Conference Objective : 

Conference Objective Bring the researchers and practicing professionals working in the field of intelligent machines. Emphasis on intelligent machines modeling, design and applications. Discussion on industrial real world problems and discussing their latest applications.

Awards and Competitions : 

Awards and Competitions BCS Machine intelligence competition: The BCS Machine Intelligence Prize is awarded for a live demonstration of 'Progress Towards Machine Intelligence'. For more details you can log on to:

Winner of Finals 2007 : 

Winner of Finals 2007 BCS Machine Intelligence Awards 2007 was won by 'The Painting Fool' - Simon Colton, Michel Valstar and Maja Pantic

….continues : 

….continues Happy, sad, soulful or enigmatic? the 'robot' painter that senses emotions and paints a portrait. The prize for a working system demonstrated at the competition that was considered to be the most significant step forward using Machine Intelligence

The Future : 

The Future Intel chief technology officer Justin Rattner agrees with futurist Ray Kurzweil's assessment that the point is nigh when machine intelligence will surpass human intelligence.

….continues : 

….continues He showed a no. of advancment in robotics & communication.

Fiction may become true in Future : 

Fiction may become true in Future Famous movie “Terminator” is a fiction where machine inrelligence overpass human intelligence and cause massive destruction.

Summary : 

Summary It plays a vital role in various technologies. Areas like defense , health are also touched by it. Futurist says one day machine intelligence surpass Human intelligence

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