Newborn Care

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Care of the Newborn : 

Care of the Newborn

Dry the Baby : 

Dry the Baby Hypothermia is common Wet newborns rapidly lose heat Use a warm, dry, soft towel Any absorbent material: Shirt T-shirt Socks Battle dressings

Replace the Wet Towels : 

Replace the Wet Towels Then let the mother hold the baby Her body heat will help keep the baby warm Cover the head to prevent heat loss

Position the Baby : 

Position the Baby Keep the baby on its’ back or side, not on its’ stomach Neither extend nor flex the head. Either may obstruct the airway. Newborn babies normally make this adjustment themselves. If depressed, however, you may need to position the head to get a good airway.

Suction the Airway : 

Suction the Airway May need to help them clear mucous and amniotic fluid from the airway Use a bulb syringe Use it gently If bulb syringe is not available, use any suction device, including a small hypodermic syringe without the needle.

Evaluate the Baby : 

Evaluate the Baby Breathing Color Heart Rate Tactile stimulation (rubbing) with a towel.may effectively stimulate a mildly depressed baby

Color : 

Color Most newborns have acrocyanosis (body is centrally pink, but hands and feet are blue Cyanosis requires treatment: Oxygen Airway Ventilation Pink Acrocyanosis Cyanosis

Ventilate if Necessary : 

Ventilate if Necessary If not breathing following brief stimulation, ventilate Ideally, bag/mask, 100% oxygen, pressure gauge, flow control valve May need to use mouth-to-mouth Cover nose and mouth Use shallow puffs to ventilate

Check the Heartbeat : 

Check the Heartbeat Normal newborn rate is >100 Palpate umbilical cord or brachial artery If pulse <100, ventilate the baby, using whatever skills and equipment you have

Keep the Baby Warm : 

Keep the Baby Warm Keep the airway open Keep the head covered Use any available cloth or heat-retaining material Check temp several times: 97.7-99.3F axillary

Assign Apgar Scores : 

Assign Apgar Scores

Field Expedient Bottle : 

Field Expedient Bottle Breast feeding is better If mother not available: Formula Warm to body temperature If formula not available, use sugar water Avoid cow’s milk unless there is no alternative and baby formula is not expected soon.

Vernix : 

Vernix Cheesy-white Normal Antibacterial properties Protects the newborn skin

Eye Prophylaxis : 

Eye Prophylaxis 1% silver nitrate 1% TTCN ophthalmic ointment 0.5% erythromycin ointment Vitamin K First few hours 0.5-1.0 mg IM Prevents hemorrhagic disease

Umbilical Cord Care : 

Umbilical Cord Care Clean & dry Alcohol wipe once a day Topical antiseptic only in contaminated areas

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