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Introduction to Multimedia : 

Introduction to Multimedia o.O

Definition of Multimedia : 

Definition of Multimedia Any combination of text, animated graphics, video, and sound delivered to you by computer or other electronic means. A collection of various media that comes together to form a single unit. (MULTI-media) Information that can be represented through a variety of media.

Convergence : 

Convergence What is it? Technology The overlapping of multiple types of media into single multimedia devices. Fields of Study Computer Science areas are overlapping. HCI, Graphics Visualization, Compression, Networking, Database Systems, etc.

Areas of Topics and Projects : 

Areas of Topics and Projects Three Main Areas Multimedia processing and coding Content analysis, security, audio/image/video processing, compression, etc. Multimedia system support and networking Network protocols, operating systems, servers and clients, quality of service, databases, etc. Multimedia tools, end systems, and applications Hypermedia systems, UI, authoring systems, etc.

Multimedia : 

Multimedia Interactive multimedia The end user controls what is delivered when. NON-linear Hypermedia A computer-based information retrieval system that enables a user to gain or provide access to texts, audio and video recordings, photographs, and computer graphics related to a particular subject.

HyperText : 

HyperText Alrighty…we have all heard this a lot. Define it. How is it different than the text in a book?

OMG teh Intarweb! : 

OMG teh Intarweb! The most commonly used hypermedia application. HTTP Request Format: Method URI VersionAdditional-HeadersMessage-body GET/POST Ex. GET HTTP/1.1

Languages : 

Languages HTML/XHTML XML SMIL Similar to XHTML Seq Elements are displayed sequentially Par Elements are displayed in parallel Excl Only one of the grouped elements can be presented at a time; order does not matter

Software Tools : 

Software Tools Categories Music Sequencing and Notation Cakewalk, Cubase, Macromedia Sound Edit, etc Digital Audio Cool Edit, Sound Forge, Pro Tools, etc Graphics and Image Editing Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Fireworks, etc Video Editing Adobe Premiere, Windows Movie Maker, iMovie, etc Animation 3D Studio Max, Maya, etc Multimedia Authoring Macromedia Flash, Macromedia Director, etc

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