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Introduction to OS Ankush Singh Sanjay Kumar Maurya Prateek Jandwani Class Teacher: Miss Pallavi Gupta The Bunkers Group NIPS College of IT and Management Allahabad

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Overview Reference. What is an OS ? Services of an OS. Classification. Instances. Conclusion. Questions.

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Where an OS exists Computer Software Hardware Application System Utility OS

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Reference of OS Operating System

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What is an OS? Operating System is a software, which makes a computer to actually work. It is the software the enables all the programs we use. The OS organizes and controls the hardware. OS acts as an interface between the application programs and the machine hardware. Examples: Windows, Linux, Unix and Mac OS, etc.,

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Functions of an OS? Ope r ating System Keyboard Disk Drive Monitor Printer Application Mouse Accepting Input Sending Output Executes Stores Applications

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Services of an OS Manage hardware and software resources Memory allocation Prioritising requests and processes Controlling input and output devices Managing network access Managing file systems Dealing with multiple users …

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Types of an OS On the basis of interface OSs are of two types : (2) GUI (Graphical User Interface) e.g. Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac.. (1) CUI (Character User Interface) e.g. DOS, Windows NT

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A little glimpse of few OSs DOS (Disk Operating System) Provides a CUI Interface Developed in 1980s, by Microsoft. It is not user Friendly.

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A little glimpse of few OSs Windows Provides GUI Interface By Microsoft in 1983 Ex.: Win 95, Win98, Win ME, Win 2000, Win XP, Win 07

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A little glimpse of few OSs Linux Belongs from Unix family with Linux Kernel Developed in 1969 Ex: Linux Red hat

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A little glimpse of few OSs Unix Developed in 1970s AT&T's Bell Laboratories Ex.: Ultrix-11, Xenix .

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A little glimpse of few OSs Macintosh by Apple in January 1984 Ex.: Mac OS 8, Mac OS 9, Mac OS X.

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Questions ? ? Thank You !

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