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Security Guaranteed By Biometrics The new generation of access control Electronics & Communication

Today Customers Want::

Today Customers Want: Products that are easy to use work as they are described do not add additional overhead costs are trustable with a long life cycle easy to install

Promises made by today’s Manager::

Promises made by today’s Manager: Provide a safe environment for employees and customers Control their facilities and assets Increase employee accountability by reducing fraud and errors without affecting employee morale Reduce administrative costs IMPROVE PROFITABILITY

Who is FaceKey ?:

Who is FaceKey ? FaceKey Corporation of San Antonio, TX a Texas corporation, is the developer of the new generation of access control . FaceKey products will revolutionize the market for access control systems and will make traditional products such as magnetic cards, PINs and passwords obsolete.

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Access Control - Biometric Base and Card Technology Standard Biometric System in 2 versions Fingerprint recognition 2. Face & Fingerprint only combo

What is Biometrics?:

What is Biometrics? Biometrics is the use of an individual’s unique physiological characteristics to positively identify an individual. Some of the common biometrics are: signatures - fingerprints - keystrokes - voice - face - DNA

Fingerprint Recognition:

Fingerprint Recognition Fingerprint recognition uses Minutiae Extraction Analysis to compare “real-time” fingerprints with those previously stored in a database. 72 minute points are analyzed which makes it suited for high security areas.

Face Recognition (patent issued):

Face Recognition (patent issued) The FaceKey technology works equally well with either gender or any race. Face recognition is very fast as 100,000 faces can be compared in one second. The system employs a live video-computer based algorithm that can determine the identify of a person based on a comparison of a real-time “snapshot” of a person’s face and a database of reference faces.

Face & Fingerprint Recognition Combined (patent pending):

Face & Fingerprint Recognition Combined (patent pending) The FaceKey combination of both technologies uses the best features of both technologies: The accuracy of fingerprints. The speed of face recognition.

Access Control:

Access Control Face & Fingerprint Recognition The Standard BS provides the highest level of security. The BS is designed so that if communication with the server is lost, access to the doors will continue and the server will be updated when communication is restored. There is no need for cards, keys, passwords or keypads. Ideal for labs, server rooms, CEO offices and other areas requiring a high level of security. Optical Reader. USB Video Camera

Access Control:

Access Control Optical Readers for Access Control Fingerprint Recognition The standard BS operates as a standalone one door system or it can be networked to connect multiple doors at multiple sites - both local and international. A record is made each time access is attempted. Comes in a tamperproof steel box and uses one or two fingerprint readers. Optical Readers for PC Logon

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Fingerprint Optical Reader Fingerprint Optical Reader Force Open Push Button Fire Alarm Force Open Customer PC Door Strike Door 2 USB Cable Extender USB Cable Extender Duplo Controller 12V Battery up to 1 7 Ah PSU-Charger Door Strike Network Connection To Alarm Override To Lock Magnet Ultra Security Access control system based on customer PC Two Optical Readers/Two Locks Door 1 Serial Cable UPS (Recommended) Door 2

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Face Recognition for Access Control Face is recognized Face recognition for multiple face tracing (one face) Face recognition for multiple face tracing (several faces in the same time)

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Search & Match Engine

INDIA MEGA PROJECT Multipurpose national identity card:

Provide unique identity no Identity no stored in central data base Data base consisting biometric information of individual Biggest implementation in the world by “ P chidambaram” India’s home minister INDIA MEGA PROJECT Multipurpose national identity card

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