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Technical seminar on 3g Technology Presented By: Pooja Pareek :

Technical seminar on 3g Technology Presented By: Pooja Pareek


Contents: What is 3G ? History Why 3G technology? Predecessor 3G Services Difference between 2G, 2.5G, 3G Evolution of mobile system to 3G Companies working with 3G Effects Benefits Issues hampering its growth Services Conclusion

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3G is the third generation of wireless technologies. 3G is mostly used with mobile phones and handsets. What is 3G ? WHAT IS 3G ?

The Third generation (3G) :

The Third generation (3G) F aster communications services which include: Voice Fax Internet with seamless global roaming


HISTORY Introduced in 1990's by the ITU IMT-2000 (International Mobile Communications 2000) Japan was the first country to implement 3G

Why 3g technology ?:

Why 3g technology ? Higher bandwidth enables a range of new applications!! For the consumer Video streaming, TV broadcast Video calls, video clips – news, music, sports Enhanced gaming, chat, location services… For business High speed teleworking / VPN access Video conferencing Real-time financial information

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1G provided only analog voice services . AMPS - Advanced Mobile Phone Service D igitization of control signals and voice signal were developed during the second generation which is 2G. PREDECESSORS pREDECESSOr

3G services::

3G services:

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Component. 2G Wireless 2.5G Wireless 3G Wireless Feature Phone call Phone Call/Fax Phone calls/fax Voice Mail Voice Mail Global roaming Simple E-Mail Send and Receive Large Mails Send/receive large email messages Web Browsing High-speed Web Navigation Navigation/maps New Updates Videoconferencing TV streaming Speed 10 Kb / Sec 64-144 Kb / Sec 144Kb / Sec – 2Mb/Sec Max. Time for Download (MP3 Songs) 40 Mins 9 Mins 1.5 Mins Table 1: Speed and Features OF 2G, 2.5G, 3G Difference between 2G,2.5G and 3G

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Evolution of Mobile Systems to 3G - drivers capacity , data speeds, lower cost of delivery for revenue growth TDMA CDMA2000 1x GSM GPRS PDC cdmaOne Expected market share 90% 10% 3GPP Core Network EDGE Evolution WCDMA EDGE HSDPA CDMA2000 1x EV/DV Evolved 3G 3G phase 1 First Step into 3G 2G CDMA2000 1x EV/DO

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GSM evolution to 3G General Packet Radio Services Data rates up to ~ 115 kbps Max: 8 timeslots used as any one time Packet switched; resources not tied up all the time Contention based. Efficient, but variable delays GSM / GPRS core network re-used by WCDMA (3G) GPRS EDGE Enhanced Data Rates for Global Evolution Uses 8PSK modulation 3x improvement in data rate on short distances Can fall back to GMSK for greater distances Combine with GPRS (EGPRS) ~ 384 kbps Can also be combined with HSCSD HSCSD High Speed Circuit Switched Data Dedicate up to 4 timeslots for data connection ~ 50 kbps Good for real-time applications c.w . GPRS Inefficient -> ties up resources, even when nothing sent Not as popular as GPRS (many skipping HSCSD) GSM 9.6kbps (one timeslot) GSM Data Also called CSD GSM WCDMA

Successful 3G implementation requires::

Successful 3G implementation requires: Standards for services Service provider infrastructure 3G- Compatible handsets 3G services from service provider

3G license In India:

3G license In India

“Some of the companies working with 3g”:

“Some of the companies working with 3g”

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Mobile Internet connectivity Mobile email Mobile Interview Multimedia services, such as digital photos taken by and shared via wireless handsets Wireless application downloading Real-time multiplayer gaming Enhanced emergency and location-based services Effects of 3g on society EFFECTS OF 3G

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H igher call volumes and support for multimedia data applications, such as video and photography. F aster data transfer rates F ree or cheap calls worldwide C apability to determine geographic position of mobiles and report it W orthwhile for users that need connectivity on the move Benefits of 3G BENEFITS OF 3G

Issues hampering its growth:

Issues hampering its growth High spectrum licensing fees for the 3G services Huge capital required to build infrastructure for 3G services. Health impact because of electromagnetic waves. Prices are very high for 3G mobile services. Will 2G users switch to 3G services? Takes time to catch up as the service is new.

Various services that 3G (W-CDMA) could provide::

Various services that 3G (W-CDMA) could provide: 3G eases the machine to machine communication in the near future For Example: Refrigerator with in-built sensors, sensing the emptied shelves and sending means automatically to the PDA of the user or the local store to refill it.


CONCLUSION 3G services will add invaluable dimension for the integral part of the modern world In the near future , Mobility will not be considered as an add-on: it will become a fundamental aspect Development of 3G networks will continue and pick up pace in the near future


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