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TECHNICAL COMMUNICATION Presented by: Engineer Pooja Electronics and Communication. India


CONTENTS :- Difference between technical and general communication Process of communication Features of communication What is technical communication? Language as a tool of communication Levels of communication Flow of communication

What is Technical Communication?:

What is Technical Communication? Technical communication is a method of researching and creating information about technical processes or products directed to an audience through media. Technical communication jobs include the following: Technical writer Technical editor Technical illustrator

Difference Between Technical and General:

Difference Between Technical and General Technical Communication General Communication Contains a technical message Mostly formal Follows set pattern Both oral and written Always for a specific audience Frequently involves jargons, graphics etc.. Contains a general message Informal and silent approach No set pattern Mostly oral Oftently for a specific audience Doesnot involves technical vocabulary

Process of Communication :

Process of Communication


FEATURES OF TECHNICAL COMMUNICATION Accuracy Clarity Comprehensiveness Objectivity Brevity

Languages as a Tools:

Languages as a Tools “It is a well established fact that effective communication is made possible with the help of language.” Language employs a combination of words to ideas , in a meaningful way . By changing the word order in a sentence, we can change its meaning and even make it meaningless.

Levels Of Communication:

Levels Of Communication Extrapersonal Intrapersonal Interpersonal Internal operational Organizational external operational personal Mass communication

Flow of Communication:

Flow of Communication Information of various kinds flowing through formal channels such as policy or procedural changes, orders instructions , confidential reports etc,,.. Downward communication Upward communication Lateral communication Diagonal communication

Applications of Technical communication in technical field:

Applications of Technical communication in technical field T E C H N I C A L

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