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AN ARTICLE FOR REVIEW THE VARIOUS RESEARCH SUPPORTING THE HOMOEOPATHIC MEDICAL SCIENCE AS NANO-MEDICINES. 1 An article for Review the Various Research Supporting the Homoeopathic Medical Science as Nano-medicines. By- Dr.Ankit Srivastava B.H.M.S. Gold medallist M.D. PGR Email: ankitsrivastav183gmail.com Abstract: The purpose of this present paper is Nanomedicines and Nanotechnology has many principles and terminology that correspond to the principle of Homoeopathy medical science like trituration succussion use for the preparation of homoeopathy medicine is also the process to degrading the substances in the minute nano form Quite recently Luc Montagnier reported the presence of electromagnetic signals produced by DNA sequences in high aqueous dilutions. This opened up a new area of research also in homeopathy since homeopathic medicines may be tested for electromagnetic signals emission and if affirmative studies may be designed to establish how the information carried by a starting-substance is transferred to high-dilutions during the process of potentization. 7 Introduction: A nanoparticle NP is a very small particle made from a specific source material .Because of their unique properties at the smaller sizes many experts limit consideration to nanoparticles in the size range of 1-100 nanometers nm 1 nanometer10 -9 meter. Nanoparticles a few to a few thousand atoms have properties different from those found in bulk ordinary billions of atoms forms of the “same” material .These altered properties include changes in electromagnetic thermal optical biochemical and quantum properties of the particle. Organon of Medicine Aphorism 269 about preparation of homoeopathy medicines “…This remarkable alteration in the properties of natural bodies is achieved through mechanical action on their smallest particles by trituration in milk sugar and succussion in distilled water ethanol solution while these particles are separated from one another by means of an intervening indifferent substance that is either dry or liquid…” According to Modern Nanoparticle Manufacturing 8 Nanoparticle from mechanical attrition are produced by a “topdown” process. Such nanoparticles are formed in a mechanical device generically referred to as a ‘mill’ in which energy is imparted to a coarse- grained material to effect a reduction in particle size…” Homoeopathy medical science is emerging as nanomedicines progressivelythrough the journey of 200 years this science shows its efficacy in the various aspect of treatment there have

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AN ARTICLE FOR REVIEW THE VARIOUS RESEARCH SUPPORTING THE HOMOEOPATHIC MEDICAL SCIENCE AS NANO-MEDICINES. 2 many research conducted in different part of world to clear the perception of this science and related terminology of it This article is an attempt to concise the all those works. Homoeopathy Concept Related Scientific Terminology Implication Remedy preparation via source trituration and/or dilution and succussion by manual pounding vortexing or sonication to generate homeopathic medicines. 12. Top-down mechanical milling and wet milling with or without sonication to generate source nanoparticles. 3 4 Adsorption of source material to nanoparticle surfaces as herb and drug delivery vehicles. 56 Remedies are nanoparticles of mineral plant or animal source material and/or source material adsorbed to lactose 200 silica or polymer nanoparticles from walls of preparation container. 910. Law of Similars. 1 Cross-adaptation. 1112 13 Specific adaptation. 14 Self-similar dynamics across levels of organizational scale — Global and local network motifs large scale attributes and local interaction patterns — themes. 15 Simillimum remedy is cross-adapted and cross- sensitized to the cumulative adaptational changes that the whole organism has in its biological and behavioral repertoire as a result of allostatic overload from past higher intensity stressors. Minimum Dose. 1 Hormesis. 16 17 18. Nanoparticles can cause hormesis. 19 Low doses below the no- observed-adverse- event- Ievel NOAEL initiate beneficial compensatory responses in the organism that counteract the adverse effects of higher doses of the same or cross-adapted agents or stressors. Medicine Action. 1 Specific direct drug action pharmacological Allopathic drugs act primarily on specific local receptors thereby hiding any compensatory

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AN ARTICLE FOR REVIEW THE VARIOUS RESEARCH SUPPORTING THE HOMOEOPATHIC MEDICAL SCIENCE AS NANO-MEDICINES. 3 local reactions on the part of the organism until the drug presence is removed rebound. Organism Counter- action. 1 Adaptive plasticity and metaplasticity . 20. Time-dependent sensitization. 21 Homeopathic medicines given in pulsed doses rely primarily on evoking systemic global adaptive reactions that evolve and grow in magnitude over time without needing additional stimuli until the organism‟s ability to continue changing reaches a plateau or relapses. Overly frequent dose repetitions will interrupt and even reverse the favorable direction of organism-based change from beneficial to adverse and back again. 22 Disease. 1 Sickness. 23 Allostatic Overload. 24 Disease-related dynamical networks. 25 2627 Disease results from the inability of a system to make adaptations to the impingements of higher intensity environmental stressors all categories and still maintain biological set points within the normal range. Law of Cure Hering. 28 Self-organization in complex systems 29 30 Hierarchical modular network of cells and organisms. 3132 3334. Healing occurs in a hierarchical self- organized process over the organism as a whole network shifting functional setpoints back toward the normal range over the organism as a whole network.

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AN ARTICLE FOR REVIEW THE VARIOUS RESEARCH SUPPORTING THE HOMOEOPATHIC MEDICAL SCIENCE AS NANO-MEDICINES. 4 Health as freedom. 28 Biopsychosocial resilience and nonlinear dynamics. 35 Well being emerges from resilience “the meta- flexibility of the system to respond to perturbation by either becoming rigid and robust or flexible and fluid without becoming stuck or falling apart. 36 Refrences: 1. Hahnemann S. Organon of the Medical Art. 6th ed. Redmond WA: Birdcage Books 1843. 2. Chikramane PS Suresh AK Bellare JR Kane SG. Extreme ho-meopathic dilutions retain starting materials: A nanoparticulate perspective. Homeopathy. 2010994:231-242 Bhattacharyya SS Mandal SK Biswas R et al. In vitro studies demonstrate anticancer activity of an alkaloid of the plant Gelsemium sempervirens. Exp Biol Med Maywood. Dec 200823312: 1591-1601. 3. Bomhoft G Matthiessen PF eds. Homeopathy in Healthcare — Effectiveness. Appropriateness Safety Costs: Springer 2012. 4. DeCastro CL Mitchell BS eds. Nanoparticles from mechanical attrition. Valencia CA: American Scientific Publisher 2002. Baraton MT ed. Synthesis Functionalization and Surface Treatment of Nanoparticles. 5. Kumari A Yadav SK Yadav SC. Biodegradable polymeric nanoparticles based drug delivery systems. Colloids Surf B Biointerfaces. Jan 1 201075 1 :1 -18. 6. Yuan X Naguib S Wu Z. Recent advances of siRNA delivery by nanoparticles. Expert Opin Drug Deliv. Apr 2011 84:521 - 536. 7. Montagnier L Aissa J Ferris S Montagnier JL Lavallee C. Electromagnetic signals are produced by aqueous nanostructures derived from bacterial DNA sequences. Interdiscip Sci Comput Life Sci. 2009 1: 8190. 8. DeCastro Mitchell 2002. 9. Tavares Cardoso MA Talebi M Soares PA Yurteri CU van Ommen JR. Functionalization of lactose as a biological carrier for bovine serum albumin by electrospraying. Int J Pharmaceu-tics. Jul 29 201 l414l- 2:l-5. 10. Bhattacharyya SS Mandal SK Biswas R et al. In vitro studies demonstrate anticancer activity of an alkaloid of the plant Gelsemium sempervirens. Exp Biol Med Maywood. Dec 200823312: 1591-1601. 11. Van Wijk R Wiegant FA. Postconditioning hormesis and the similia principle. Front Biosci Elite Ed. 20113:1128-1138. 12. Van Wijk R Wiegant FA. The similia principle as a therapeutic strategy: a research program on stimulation of self-defense in Homeopathy as Nanomedicine disordered mammalian cells. Alternative Therapies in Health Medicine. 199732:33-38. 13. Hale HB. Cross-adaptation. Environmental Research. 19692:423-434. 14. Singh SK Srinivasan KK Gowthamarajan K Singare DS Prakash D Gaikwad NB. Investigation of preparation param-eters of nanosuspension by top-down media milling to improve the dissolution of poorly water-soluble glyburide. Eur J Pharm Biopharm. Aug 2011783:441-446. 15. Vasqucz A Dobrin R Sergi D Eckmann JP Oltvai ZN Bara- basi AL. The topological relationship between the large-scale attributes and local interaction patterns of complex networks. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 2004 101 52: 17940-17945.

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AN ARTICLE FOR REVIEW THE VARIOUS RESEARCH SUPPORTING THE HOMOEOPATHIC MEDICAL SCIENCE AS NANO-MEDICINES. 5 16. Iavicoli I Calabrese EJ Nascarella MA. Exposure to nanopar-ticles and hormesis. Dose Response. 201084:501-517. 17. Calabrese EJ. Jonas WB. Homeopathy clarifying its relation-ship to hormesis. Hum Exp Toxicol. 2010 Jul297:531-6. 2010297:531-536. 18. Calabrese EJ Jonas WB. Evaluating homeopathic drugs within a biomedical framework. Hum Exp Toxicol. Jul 2010297:545-549. 19. Iavicoli I Calabrese EJ Nascarella MA. Exposure to nanopar-ticles and hormesis. Dose Response. 201084:501-517. 20. Abraham WC. Metaplasticity tuning synapses and networks for plasticity. Nat Rev Neurosei. May 200895:387. 21. Antelman SM Levine J Gershon S. Time-dependent sensitiza-tion: the odyssey of a scientific heresy from the laboratory to the door of the clinic. Molecular Psychiatry. 200054:350-356. 22. Antelman SM Caggiula AR. Oscillation follows drug sen-sitization: implications. Critical Reviews in Neurobiology. 1996101:101-117. 23. Sherr J. Dynamic Materia Medica. Syphilis: A Study of Syphilitic Miasm through Remedies. Great Malvern Worces-tershire England: Dynamis Books 2002. 24. Danese A McEwen BS. Adverse childhood experiences al- lostasis allostatic load and age-related disease. Physiol Behav. Apr 12 2012106l:29-39. 25. Vidal M Cusick ME Barabasi AL. Interactome networks and human disease. Cell. 2011144:986-998. 26. Barabasi AL Gulbahce N Loscalzo J. Network medicine: a network-based approach to human disease. Nat Rev Genet. Jan 2011 12 1 :56-68. 27. Loscalzo J Barabasi AL. Systems biology and the future of medicine. Wiley Interdiscip Rev Syst Biol Med. Nov-Dee 201136:619-627. 28. Vithoulkas G. The Science of Homeopathy. N.Y.: Grove Weidenfeld 1980. 29. Coffey DS. Self-organization complexity and chaos: the new biology for medicine. Nature Medicine. 199848:882-885. 30. Kauffman S. At Home in the Universe. The Search for the Laws of Self-Organization and Complexity. NY: Oxford Uni-versity Press 1995. 31. Karatsoreos IN McEwen BS. Psychobiological allostasis: resistance resilience and vulnerability. Trends Cogn Sci. Dec 20111512:576-584. 32. McEwen BS. Physiology and neurobiology of stress and adap-tation: central role of the brain. Physiol Rev. Jul2007873:873- 904. 33. McEwen BS. Central effects of stress hormones in health and disease: Understanding the protective and damaging effects of stress and stress mediators. Eur J Pharmacol. Apr 7 20085832-3:174-l 85. 34. Barabasi AL. Linked. How everything is connected to every-thing else and what it means for business science and every-day life. Cambridge MA: Plume 2003. 35. Pincus D Metten A. Nonlinear dynamics in biopsychosocial resilience. Nonlinear Dynamics Psychol Life Sci. 2010144353-380. 36. Witt C Albrecht H eds New Directions in Homeopathy Research. Essen Germany: KVC Verlag 2009.

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