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Learn How to Check and Get Rid of Google Penalty


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Google Penalty 101:

Google Penalty 101 By Ankit A.


Outline Introduction De-ranking Causes of Penalties How to Check Google Penalty Recovery Method Tips and Warnings Conclusion Resources


Introduction Every website needs a SEO campaign. One is Enthused with progress as your site begins to make progress. Recently, many of us SEO's have experienced the negative side of Google through ranking drops and penalties. You can call it the sandbox, you can call it the Google bounce, you could even call it correctly a “ Penalty "

Types of Derankings:

Types of Derankings A ban results in complete and total removal of your entire site. A penalty causes your pages to drop in rankings

Causes of Penalties:

Causes of Penalties Buying Paid Links from Other Websites. Hidden Text and URL Linking out for reciprocal links Duplicate Content

How to Check Google Penalty:

How to Check Google Penalty If you use Google Webmaster Tools, Search for the message regarding the Site. If you don’t use GWT, Simply Point your browser to Cleverfoxes Penalty Checker

Recovery Method:

Recovery Method Create a Google Webmaster Account. After Getting Information About Penalty from penalty checker Tool, Try to Fix the things on your own. If the things are out of your expertise. Hire an Expert for So.

Recovery Method (Contd..):

Recovery Method (Contd..) Request a Reconsideration for your website via Google Reconsideration NOTE: Keep it simple, always describe your actions and be gentle.

Important Tips :

Important Tips Content is the King. Write content as much as possible. Always optimize your website for search engines


Warnings Never use any black-hat traffic tactic. Never engage in link exchange schemes. Never buy cheap backlinks package. Never copy content.


Conclusion I hope that you find this Presentation valuable and you succeed to ranking to page 1 without drama or stress. Its an ever changing game, trying to be one step ahead of the algorithms. I don’t need to preach that all Google is trying to do is getting the right content at the top to satisfy its searchers and there is no reason why your site can’t be in position 1.


Resources Cleverfoxes Penalty Checker: Google Reconsideration Request:

PowerPoint Presentation:

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