Pain during Periods – Normal Pain and Abnormal Pain

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The Medical term for period pain is known as dysmenorrhoea.


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HOW TO GET RID OF PAIN DURING MENSTRUAL PAIN DURING PERIOD HOW TO GET RID OF PERIOD CRAMPS FAST Hot water bottle: Cuddle with a hot water bottle. Back massage: Stomach and back massage is very eective to get rid of the pain. Gentle exercise: Simple exercise and yoga may help you. Painkiller: For instant relieve you can take a painkiller specically designed for period symptoms. LIFESTYLE CHANGES Smoking Smoking can increase the incidence of period pain by reducing the supply of oxygen to the pelvic area. Alcohol Reduce your alcohol consumption. Salt Reduce the amount of salt in your diet. High ber foods Eat plenty of salads high ber foods and vegetables. Sugary Items Cut down on sugary items chocolate cakes and biscuits Chocolate Chocolate White White Chocolate Chocolate Click Here to Know More About Pain During Period

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