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Two wheeler insurance is a safeguard to your journey against an uncertainty causes, damages or losses occurred during your travelling on a motorbike. It provides protection in form of financial cover to bike or scooter against damage, theft and third party liability.


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Two Wheeler Insurance – Need For The Hours:

Two Wheeler Insurance – Need F or T he H ours

Importance of Two Wheeler Insurance:

Importance of Two Wheeler Insurance Two wheeler insurance provides protection in form of financial cover to bike or scooter against damage, theft and third party liability. Two wheeler insurance includes insurance for motorbike, scooty and scooter. No matter how safely you think you ride, buying two wheeler insurance is an absolute necessity for everyone.

Buying Two Wheeler Insurance:

Buying Two Wheeler Insurance T wo most popular form of buying two wheeler insurance: Ask an Insurance Agent Buy Insurance Online

Approaching Insurance Agent:

Approaching Insurance Agent When you approach an insurance agent you must keep following things in mind . You will get quote for a particular insurance policy only . An additional charge of insurance agent is applied on the insurance policy you take.

Buying Insurance Online:

Buying Insurance Online When you choose to buy your two wheeler insurance policy online : You can always compare one insurance policy with other . No additional charge is applied on your insurance policy amount . Service is available 24X7

Buying Online VS Offline:

Buying Online VS Offline Buying Online Buying Offline You require very less time to find two wheeler insurance policies Time is spend to find Insurance providers Eliminates mediator which helps save lots of money You require to approach insurance agent before you get insurance policy Help is available 24X7 Help is available for fixed time Online renewal is also possible Renewal of policy needs to be done manually Online comparing of policies is easy and hassle free Comparing different policies require approaching multiple insurance agents

Key Benefits:

Key Benefits You can get hassle free cashless settlement at preferred workshops . In case you want claim assistance or support you can always connect online where help is available 24X7 . Two wheeler insurance also cover third person property damage and third party injury . Online two wheeler insurance is best way to purchase the plan.

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