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The American consumer has access to perhaps 200 to 250* different bottled waters: domestic and imported, still and sparkling, plain and flavored. Do we really need another one? Yes, if it’s as well-conceived and deliciously different as Hint, a new line started by a former corporate executive who saw a gap in the marketplace and created the right product to fill it.

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Hint is a line of simply splendid, calorie-free, sugar-free waters subtly flavored with natural fruit, vegetable and herb extracts. The waters are nothing like the sweetened Glaceau Fruitwaters or any of the other flavored waters we've tasted. Think of Hint as the bottled version of what might be poured at a spa or a fine restaurant, where slices of cucumber or citrus are added to the water pitcher, and their flavors permeate the water to provide the drinker with a special taste experience. Or think of something even more magical, where the flavor of a fresh mango or pear has been infused into water, creating an invigorating deconstructed juice that has the flavor of the fruit but none of its sugar or heaviness—just pure refreshment. Yes, Hint is so refreshing that people who have not been tempted to drink enough water may develop a real thirst for it.

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As sophisticated as Hint is, it was not even inspired by adults. Certainly, company founder Kara Goldin is now happy to be able to grab a bottle of cucumber- or pear-infused water as she races through her daily agenda. But as a mother of three, her initial motivation was that although her children were drinking natural fruit juices instead of soda and other drinks, four glasses of juice each day were providing far too many sugar calories. She developed Hint as an alternative beverage that is flavorful and thirst-quenching; one that satisfies a sweet tooth with a hint of sweetness, but without sugar or sweetener. Goldin’s philosophy is summed up in Hint’s slogan: Drink Water, Not Sugar™.

We drink Hint::

We drink Hint: For general refreshment, instead of mineral water and iced tea As an alternative to less interesting waters, to get our daily quota To satisfy a craving for sweetness and fruit with no added calories To satisfy a feeling for something substantive that we don’t get from plain bottled water As an everyday treat

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