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This slide will provide you with the benefits, examples and process of Tally Customization for more information http://www.antraweb.com/tally-customization.htm


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Basics Of Tally Customization

What is Tally Customization??:

What is Tally Customization?? Tally Customization helps to Incorporate Specific Requirements of any Organization This can be done in Default Tally with the help of Programming Language called TDL(Tally Definition Language)

Top 5 Benefits of Tally Customization:

Top 5 Benefits of Tally Customization To Meet Specific Requirements To Increase Performance Increase Productivity Explores the Full Potential of Tally ERP 9 Create Significant Business Advantage Over Competitors

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Tally ERP 9 Tally Definition Language Soap Listener ODBC Support How is Tally Customization Done? Default behavior can be changed Fields, Reports etc. can be changed Integration with any third party software Online Integration Web/Mobile Integration Data available to application using SQL queries

Tally Customization Process:

Tally Customization Process Specific Requirement Implementation and Training Post Support Gap Analysis Customer Requirement Customization and Testing Default TallyERP9 Customer Requirement Post Implementation Support

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Tally Customization in Various Industries Bulk Drugs and Chemicals Educational Institute Supply Chain Retail Packaging Pharmaceutica l Manufacturer Textiles Tally Custom- zation Tally Customization

Few Examples of Tally Customization:

Few Examples of Tally Customization To Create More Data Fields in Masters and Transactions To Insert More Security and Control at Field or Transaction Level Customize Invoice and Other Document Printout like Purchase Order, Voucher-Cum- Cheque

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