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AnimationZoom.com AnimationZoom.com Whiteboard Animation: How to Make a Good One A lot of people now are becoming more aware of whiteboard animation. Over the Internet there are dozens of videos you can watch about whiteboard animation services and they use this medium to promote their business create public awareness or simply for entertainment. Whatever the main reason may be whiteboard animation is indeed creating a big success in keeping the people well informed because of its distinctive strategy on delivering facts and at the same time engaging. But you may be wondering how this exciting media is being carried out You may imagine picking up your whiteboard marker and draw anything on your whiteboard and youre all set. Well not quite... It will take more than just that procedure to get things accomplished or lets say youll need much more to create an exhilarating presentation. Performing whiteboard animation takes time to finish one depending on how long the project will be. Doing whiteboard animation you need to prepare your whiteboard whiteboard marker eraser digital camera tripod and your computer. Lets start with the drawing process and capturing what you draw on your whiteboard animation. Lets say you have a segment where a

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AnimationZoom.com AnimationZoom.com plant is just about to grow. To have that progression effect you need to draw first a sprout coming out of the ground then take a snapshot of it. Soon after that use the eraser to make some adjustment on the drawing afterwards take another snapshot then add more leaves and once more take another snapshot. So basically if you change anything in the drawing you need to take a snapshot but you need to be consistent in using the circulation of your work and set up your camera on a steady position. To create movements on your whiteboard animation like a ball bouncing on the floor. First draw a straight line to have your flooring take a snapshot then draw a ball on the upper part of the ground then take a snapshot of it. Draw another ball beneath the first ball and when youre done with the second ball erase the initial ball that youve drawn and take one more snapshot. Do this procedure in an incremental pattern right up until the ball reaches the ground. This can make the descending motion and to possess the ascending movement you just want rewind to have the ascending movement and so on... You can do all sorts of experiment like the stick-man running or pipe progression but I suggest that you begin with the basic one first. And if you feel like you can work together using the drawing that would be much more fun. Youre almost done on your whiteboard animation. Now having all those photos taken you need now to download all of it to your computer. Open Windows movie maker locate your photographs afterwards import those photographs. You need to have a good know-how on how to use Windows movie maker simply because after you complete importing those images you have to insert them one by one. This is just for the drawing sequence you can also do some animation tricks but its much more difficult compared to drawing so you could start with the drawing initially. After that import the audio and see the time family to make some adjustment. Afterwards master your video clip and enjoy your whiteboard animation. Article Source: https://EzineArticles.com/expert/Eilene_Santos/1196463

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