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Prestige Institute Of Management, Gwalior:

Prestige Institute Of Management, Gwalior By- Anita Sharma

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Corporate Social Responsibility

What is the social responsibility of a business? :

Wha t is the social responsibility of a business? Social responsibility of a business refers to what the business does , over and above the salutary requirement , for the benefit of the society .

There are four dimensions of business responsibility:

There are four dimensions of business responsibility Economic - responsibility to earn profit for owners Legal - responsibility to comply with the law (society’s codification of right and wrong) Ethical - not acting just for profit but doing what is right, just and fair Voluntary and philanthropic - promoting human welfare and goodwill Being a good corporate citizen contributing to the community and the quality of life

Why business has some responsibility for society?:

Why business has some responsibility for society? They are getting resources from the society Shareholders Employees Consumers So they have some responsibility for all of them.

Responsibilities to different sections or social interest of business.:

Responsibilities to different sections or social interest of business. Shareholders Employees Government Society Consumers Local community

Responsibility to the shareholders:

Responsibility to the shareholders The responsibility of a company to its shareholders , who are the owners , is indeed a primary one Provide to them dividend if your business is earning profit Make feel proud of their company as a shareholders The shareholders are interested not only protection of their investment but also return on it.

Responsibility to the employees:

Responsibility to the employees The payment of fair wages The provision of the best possible working conditions The provision of labour welfare facilities to the extent possible and desirable Arrangement for proper training and education of the workers promotion

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Appreciation and encouragement of special skills and capabilities of the workers To protect the interest of the shareholders and employees “the primary business of a business is to stay in business.”

Responsibility to the consumers:

Responsibility to the consumers (A) increase productivity and reduce prices (B) improve quality and (C) make good distribution system {easily available }. To introduce better and new products .do R&D to introduce new and better products. Reasonable price. After sale services. To avoid misleading the customers by improper advertisements or otherwise. To understand customers needs.

Responsibility to the community:

Responsibility to the community Taking appropriate steps to prevent environmental . Overall development of the locality Taking steps to conserve scarce resources and development alternatives wherever possible. Development of backward areas. Making possible contribution and promotion of education and population. Contributing to the national effort to build up a better society.

Responsibility to the government:

Responsibility to the government Pay tax. Professional tax. Black-marketing. Obey the act.

Responsibility to the society:

Responsibility to the society Minimize the percentage of the pollution. Financial support for education. Medical facility. Develop the backward area.

Why social responsibilities are important for business?:

Why social responsibilities are important for business? Social involvement may create a better public image for the company which may help you it in attracting customers , investors , to get help from the government of the country.

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