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Group Project for Com&210 Online Course. Group assignment for Group: Angie Foss, Matt Mason, and Mallori Murdock


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Conflict Resolution : 

Conflict Resolution Group Project Presented By Angela Foss Matt Mason Mallori Murdock

Conflict with your Boss or Manager : 

Conflict with your Boss or Manager When dealing with conflict involving your supervisor or manager, do not attempt to approach the issue while either of you are angry. Some things to remember when dealing with a conflict involving your boss: Understand that your boss has the upper hand. Never “react” to verbal abuse or harsh criticism with emotion, acknowledge the statement and move on. At all times remain professional .

Your Boss is a Person First and Foremost! : 

Your Boss is a Person First and Foremost! Even your boss needs encouragement when doing a good job! If you are quick to encourage then your conflicts will be fewer! There is little you can do to change anyone and trying to do so is futile. Try to see things from your boss’ point of view before attempting to confront an issue. If you take the time to evaluate your own performance you might see that the boss is actually correct. If necessary discuss the “issue” rather than confront it (ask for their “ideas” on how to improve the situation).

The Conflict : 

The Conflict If it becomes necessary to approach an issue with your boss: Never let the conflict build. Never try to resolve conflict by acting defensive or arguing. Recognize and try to resolve the true root of the problem. Use sound fact based and persuasive techniques when presenting proposals. Be willing to discuss issues and listen carefully to your boss’ comments/solutions.

Last Resorts : 

Last Resorts Keep a written record of all interactions or have a third person present as a witness. Gather support from other co-workers. Seek a mediator if you can not resolve the issue. Don’t go up the chain of command, except as a last resort. Always have a plan B (ex. another job offer in hand if things don’t go well).

Conflict with your Co-worker : 

Conflict with your Co-worker Avoid conflict: Avoid discussing “touchy” subjects such as religion, politics, and ethnicity. Keep your personal and work lives separate. Don’t engage in or maintain an “office romance”. Be nice! Be respectful even if you don’t like someone else. Avoid the rumor mill. Establish and maintain boundaries.

Resolve the Conflict : 

Resolve the Conflict When confronting a co-worker: Choose your battles. ( how important is this issue really?) Stay calm or wait until you are calm to approach your co-worker. Have a plan of action. (be thoughtful and professional in how you put together and present your complaint. Try not to be overly negative.) Meet on neutral ground. (Go for a walk or talk over coffee) Try not to involve other co-workers. Focus on the problem, not the person. (Try to keep a paper trail, having concrete examples of the conflict and ability to show a pattern will help your cause. Be sure to show how it affects your productivity.) Avoid judgmental remarks or generalizations. Listen actively and respond when appropriate after letting the other person finish their thought.

The Fall Out : 

The Fall Out Be aware that your co-worker will probably NOT be happy with you for confronting them. If warranted you may need to ask your Manager or Human Resources Representative to help mediate the problem in order to come to a suitable resolution.

Conflict with a Client/Customer : 

Conflict with a Client/Customer The #1 mistake that is made when dealing with angry customers is to make the assumption that they just want the “problem” fixed. A lot of time and energy could be saved if we first focus on acknowledging the person’s feelings, and then move on to the actual problem.

Hostile Customers : 

Hostile Customers It is important to realize that customers may not understand things or see them from the same point of view as yourself. Stay calm, don’t waste time arguing. Listen for the underlying message. If the customer sees you as an understanding human being and not simply a pawn of bureaucracy, then they will show you less aggression. Let the person “vent”, it’s not personal. Let the customer know what you can do, not what you can’t.

Customer Satisfaction : 

Customer Satisfaction A happy customer ensures future business. Speak in a friendly manner. Use the customers name when ever possible and introduce yourself. Greet the person properly with your full attention. Listen carefully and show you are by paraphrasing (not parroting). Allow the customer to finish. Do NOT use the term policy. It increases anger. (explain the purpose of a policy don’t blame it on “policy”) NEVER say “I just work here” or I’m only following rules”, instead say something like, "the regulations are made by___ you might want to speak to ___I understand how you feel about___ would you like the phone number?”

Possibilities : 

Possibilities Think of customer conflict as an opportunity to strengthen and better your relationship with them. If conflict can be resolved in a mutually satisfying manner the customer will see the business as willing to work with and go the extra mile for their customer, and thus will increase not only the return of that customer, but the referrals they will bring you!

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