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Our 50 States: Rhode Island : 

Tori S. May of 2008 Our 50 States: Rhode Island

State Symbols of Rhode Island : 

State Symbols of Rhode Island The state bird is : Rhode Island Red hen. The state tree is: The Red maple The state flower is: The Violet.

State Flag : 

State Flag They say that Rhode Islands flag says hope on it because they are hoping to get bigger.

State Nickname : 

State Nickname Rhode Islands Nicknames are Little Rhody and Ocean State. Ocean State was named because it is an island surrounded by an ocean.

State History : 

State History Wampanoag's, and Narragansett's were the major native Americans. In 1989 an oil spill tanker spill one million gallons of oil in the Narragansett bay. Again in 1996 828,000 of oil was spilled into the Block Island Sound.

State History, continued : 

State History, continued May 20, 1790 Rhode Island became the 13th colony to ratify [approve] the constitution. World war one 28,817 people from Rhode Island fought in the war and 684 people died. World war two 92,027 Rhode Islanders went to war and 1,458 of them died.

Statehood : 

This state became the 13th state in the United States in 1790. The first Governor of the state was Roger Williams. Statehood

Government : 

Government National Government Senators- Sheldon Whitehouse, and Jack F. Reed. Representatives- Patrick J. Kennedy, and James R. Langevin State Government Governor Donald L. Carcieri

Map of Rhode Island : 

Map of Rhode Island Capitol

Population : 

Population 1950: 791,896 1960: 859,488 1970: 949,723 1980: 947,154 1990: 1,003,464 2000: 1,048,319 Over the years Rhode Island population has Increased.

Economy : 

Economy The economy in Rhode Island is very poor because… They borrowed to much money from the federal government to pay benefits to unemployment and now they suffer unemployment. * Rhode Island has important jobs that give money to the state like gambling, tourism, and they make jewelry and silverware, and etc.

Weather : 

Weather The average high temperature in July is: 74° The average high temperature in January is: 28° The average yearly precipitation is: 45.53 inches

Natural Resources : 

Natural Resources Water: Rhode Island Sound, Block Island Sound, Roger Williams Lake, Deep Spring Lake, and Narragansett bay. Minerals: Chlorite, Flint, Jasper, Fluorite, and Magnetite Sand and much more. All those minerals are under Province County. Real Chlorite

Natural Resources, continued : 

Natural Resources, continued Plant Life Some wild flowers are the state flower the violet, and sweet white violet. Animal Life Some wild animals are the woodchucks. Also there is an insect that comes out at night and leaves droppings around in your house and when you step on it will not smash it will crumble like smashing glass.

Places to Visit : 

Places to Visit Province [capitol] Annmary Broain Memorial Beach Ocean

Famous People : 

Famous People One well known famous explorer is Roger Williams Founder of Rhode Island. Roger was born in London, Circa 1603. Giovanni Da Verrazzano was another famous Rhode Island explorer he was from Italy. One other explorer was a Dutch explorer named Adraen Block from the Netherlands.

State Motto : 

State Motto The state motto is Hope. There motto is hope because they hope to bigger. HOPE

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