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The ring symbolizes the love and commitment of a couple for each other and there are many names for a ring; it may be an engagement ring, wedding ring or a promise ring. This ring now comes in different design, style, sizes and color, though the meaning of it cannot change. There were always be different between the type of ring, for example; wedding ring is placed on the left hand at the fourth finger while engagement ring is placed on the left hands in the fourth of your finger but moved to middle finger after being married and the promise ring can wear in any parts of your finger, preferably on the right hand to easily recognized that it is a not an engagement or wedding ring. There is no right or wrong timing/place for giving a promise ring as every day is always a good choice.


Some confuse promise ring to a engagement ring. Although they said it’s similar, they still are not the same in terms that engagement ring means that the two persons agree for a marriage while promise ring is a pledge that signifies that he/she is the only one partner for a lifetime. Sometimes couples choose to have this as the word they want to say cannot be express and on the other way around if they are not yet ready for a long time commitment (marriage) a promise ring is good to give on each other as a symbol of their love.


Two different kinds of promise ring; Deluxe and Classic ring which include the following: -Two-tone Diamond Wedding Band -Diamond – Fancy Halo Ring -and the Silver Halo Promise Ring with Split Shank -White Gold – Blue Sapphire Halo Ring -Diamond Ring -the Victorian Style Genuine Garnet Band Ring -Onyx Marquise Ring -the Yellow Gold Mens CZ Cubic Zirconia Simulated Onyx -The White Gold Round – Diamond Twisted Ring -The Sterling Silver Round Black & White – Diamond Promise Ring


More info: http://promiseringsforcouples.net/

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