Yoga For Beginners- Enhancing Your Physical Lifestyle


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Unfortunately, much of America spends most of the work day doing very little physical activity. For many office workers sitting behind a desk all day long can have ill effects on our health. Many studies have been conducted on those who long healthy lives, and physical activity ranked highly as one of the factors that led them there. The solution is to get out and be active. For some it is as simple as a bike ride, or maybe going for a walk. Even those who frequently partake of these activities are looking for something a little extra that may enhance their current experience.


Yoga has been growing in popularity recently, and for good reason. Not only does it provide a means to increase flexibility, but it can also help reduce stress. Having greater flexibility can enhance the gym experience as well as many other physical activities like sports. What does a yoga class look like? There are a few different kinds of yoga, but one of the most popular is Vinyasa yoga. If you've never been to an instructional yoga class you are in for a real treat. Be sure to bring your own yoga mat, some water, and an open mind.


Most yoga classes are led by an instructor who will be guiding you through the yoga exercises. The environment should be relaxing and you will usually find soothing music playing in the background to help your mind and muscles release tension and stress. Some of the yoga stretches may seem a little complicated at first, but like most things, with a little practice you'll be more flexible before you know it. Do you best to follow along and stretch in the same form that the instructor is using.


Most of these classes follow many of the popular poses like downward facing dog, warrior pose, or child's pose. While doing these various poses your instructor will guide your breathing; air slowly inhaled through the nose and out the through the mouth. The key is to allow theses breathing exercises to help you relax. Classes vary in length but most yoga classes are about an hour in length. You should leave the class feeling relaxed and with an inner sense of peace. Be warned, if you are new to yoga you may experience some muscle soreness within about two days of your class. This is common, but the more often you do yoga the less sore you will be.


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