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Changing Relationship Dynamics World of Social Networking by rrajeshrdy 2 months ago 6 Views Embed  While we compare and relate number of friends on online social networking sites with our peers and colleagues the realization that these lists are a mere facade is an undertone. Remembering those days when approaching a person you liked or wanted to talk required so much convincing and confidence within surely it had a charm of its own. But everything has changed sometimes it’s not hard to ascertain how someone you disliked in school or college or office is a part of your friend list and the posts cause a deep distaste every time they are up from their profile. The users on social websites is ever increasing and so is the list of people who send you friend requests or you add as your friends. It’s a thing to wonder about when did things and definition of friendship  Browse Log In Sign Up  With PDFmyURL anyone can convert entire websites to PDF

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change from a treasured possession to a public trophy which is brandished around as wand to show off the magic of a personality. Let’s take a moment from online socializing and think about it are all the people you add as friends on these websites actually your friends Or should we change the definition of friends and friendship to replace it with anyone we know or want to know or are acquainted to To deliberate on a topic like this top social networking sites in India have devised different terms to designate the list of connections added by the users. Surely the sense of relationship dynamics modified with the advancement even though one might not meet someone in person dating or fixing marriage has become a common thing. The possibilities of internet has crossed the basic search for information news new all song movies personalities etc. a person unknown is taken as a friend or spouse based on the profile and picture uploaded online the relationship continues online although the story line sounds unbelievable and real for some who have experienced it there is a mutual expectance that the fine line between physical and virtual between real and unreal have changed. The world of social networking is full of advantages and disadvantages although it provides easy connecting option with people who are already our friends or close to us it also opens up the possibility of adding new people and forming circles which are entirely online. It gives us a chance to make friends from different nationalities religion and even With PDFmyURL anyone can convert entire websites to PDF

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Are Facebook and Social Media friends real Social Media is Changing Our Lives © 2017 Storify Like Share Related stories Report Abuse Storify 2 About Blog Jobs Tools API Terms Privacy continents. And our own personal judgment will ultimately decide where to draw the fine line for ourselves. Source :- …   With PDFmyURL anyone can convert entire websites to PDF

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With PDFmyURL anyone can convert entire websites to PDF

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