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Faith, love, time and dr. lazaro By: gregorio C. brilliantes:

Faith, love, time and dr. lazaro By: gregorio C. brilliantes

Gregorio c. brilliantes:

Gregorio c. brilliantes Born on December 18, 1932 in Camiling , Tarlac , Philippines A graduate of Ateneo de Manila A consistent prize winner: Philippines Free Press Award, four times and Palanga Memorial Award, twice


Setting The story happened late at night in a small hut, where Dr. Lazaro tries to save a baby that has no hope of living


Characters Dr. Lazaro- apathetic to his profession and clients Dr. Lazaro’s Wife- distant relationship with her husband


Ben Lazaro- wants to become a priest and always helpful Pedro Esteban- needs assistance for Pedro and his new-born


plot This is a story about a doctor who disbelief in faith, love and time. He lost his faith because he has been a witness to countless, seemingly random deaths: a patient with cancer; then there is a baby who is now dying from tetanus. But most of all, there was his eldest son who committed suicide.


From that, it made the doctor focus mechanically on his job, just to forget the pain, and his wife became more immersed in religion than in family.


exposition From the upstairs veranda, Dr. Lazaro had a view of stars, the country darkness, the lights on the distant highway at the edge of the town. His wife came to tell him he was wanted on the phone.


Dr. Lazaro reached for the phone. The man was calling from a service station outside the town. He was Pedro Esteban, the brother of the doctor’s tenat in Namblan .

Rising action:

Rising action The man’s week-old child had a fever, a bluish skin; its mouth would not open to suckle. They could not take the baby to the poblacion , they would not dare to move it; its body turned rigid when touched.


Ben, Dr. Lazaro’s son, drove for him. While on the way, they had conversation about Ben’s plan on what career to pursue. Dr. Lazaro wanted his son to be a doctor too.


climax Dr. Lazaro and Ben reached the gas station, where the Dr. agreed to meet Esteban. They went to Esteban’s house and saw the sick child bundled with blankets. Dr. Lazaro made cursory check- skin dry, turning cold, breathing shallow, heartbeat fast and irregular.


He removed the blanket and injected a whole ampule to check the tonic spasms, tried to draw air into the faltering lungs, pressing and releasing the chest; but even as he worked to rescue the child the bluish color of the face began to turn gray.

Falling action:

Falling action Dr. Lazaro shooked his head as a sign of there’s nothing more he can do to save the child. Ben knelt beside the child and baptized it. Esteban’s wife began to cry.


Denouement When Dr. Lazaro and Ben are on their way home, Dr. Lazaro realized everything around him- the town, the people, his family, his faith, love and time that it was long gone.


conflict Man vs. Man Man vs. Circumstances

Point of view:

Point of view Omniscient third-person The narrator enters the mind and feeling of Dr. Lazaro. The angle of narration allows the reader to know how Dr. Lazaro thinks and feels.


theme “Doubts in your beliefs will rise when certain traumatic or important events happen in your life. These doubts are tests of conviction.”


“Don’t lose hope/faith in God. Everything has its reasons.”


“Everything has it’s end, you can’t change one’s destiny.”


“Time is short, make the most out of it.”


“Don’t let the trials/problems ruin the closeness of your family.”

Literary approach:

Literary approach MORAL/PHILOSOPHICAL APPROACH - Moral/philosophical critics believe that the larger purpose of literature is to teach morality and to probe philosophical issues


In the story it shows that Dr. Lazaro is emotionally and objective detached, as required by his profession. As human we always tend to blame God on the things that happened in our lives especially the negative one and it usually leads to lose our faith to God. At the end of the story time already exist in the life of Dr. Lazaro as his son Ben open his faith to God again.


In our life God will use an instrument that will represent Him to be our guide and help in every struggle in our life. God will never leave us and we will never walk alone because God is always there for us.


II-CMA Agmata , Jamaica Antonio, Christine Ivy Vernice Daquioag , Juliet Garcia, Angelica Lojica , Ann Aiyaleen Martinez, Ana Francesca

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