How to Carve a Career as an RJ for Internet Radio Channels

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How to Carve a Career as an RJ for Internet Radio Channels It is indeed very difficult to find a person who does not like recognition and fame yet the public scrutiny and invasion to public space is something no one actually entertains. The job of a radio jockey combines the best of both the world. It helps you to remain anonymous yet takes close to the hearts of lakhs of people worldwide. A RJ needs to have a good voice an enigmatic personality and a witty sense of humour to keep the listeners glued to the station. He is the vital link between the world and the radio channel. If you aspire to become a RJ at any radio station here is a complete guide.  Bachelor’s Degree: In order to become a radio RJ the first step involved is getting a Bachelor degree. The undergraduate degree preferably in communication or journalism forms the base for qualifying as an RJ. If you have not yet applied for the same it is advisable that you try to get the degree in broadcasting and communication. An additional degree in the domain of radio announcing speech news reporting broadcast writing and media research would further enhance your chances of making the cut.  Internship: For those who are serious about the profession as an RJ internship in a local radio station can work as a feather in your cap. It might not provide you with an

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opportunity of getting on air but would definitely give you a clear understanding about various backend processes like online Arabic video editing ad placing and likewise stuff.  Try Your Hand At A Small Time Radio Station: Working in even a small time radio station is crucial for success as an RJ as it helps to learn the reality and basics of career as a radio jockey. Do not expect to get your first major break at the national level radio station. You gradually need to work your way up the ladder. The best way to do this is to ensure that you get a part time job at a college radio or some small radio station. If possible try to work in as many different shifts as possible and see which category suits you. Last but not the least versatility is the key. If you are caught up in one type of shows your scope for improvement diminishes. Remember the job of a RJ is not all about fame and glory. You need to endure long hours of detachment from the family and manage with a not so hefty paycheque in comparison to your counterparts in the television media. is a lovely platform for listening to all types of Arabic music. The genre and variations are practically limitless and you can also watch Arabic video clips besides listening to your favourite artist. Listen to this station in order to get a good idea about what internet radio.

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