Trendy Arabic Music- Where East Meets the West

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Know how Arabic music has emerged and now fused with western music. Listen to the best Arabic music online.


Presentation Transcript Trendy Arabic Music- Where East Meets the West Do you know that today Arab music is largely fused with Western music to create memorable music? Read on to know how.

Arabic Rock:

Arabic Rock It is a known fact that rock music is famous across the world, including Arab world. Today, there are various Arabic rock bands that amalgam the conventional Arabic instruments with the sound of hard rock. Nowadays Arabic rock music has become extremely popular in the Middle East.

Arabic Hip Hop, Reggae and R & B:

Arabic Hip Hop, Reggae and R & B In the past few years, there has been a significant rise in hip hop, reggae and R & B influence of Arabic music. Here, basically a rapper features in an Arabic song. For instance, when you listen to Arabic music “ Habibi Sawah ’, you can notice rapper Ishtar features in the song as a rapper. There are some of the Arabic artists who have adopted to use complete reggae and R & B beats and styling like Darine . As it has not become a common genre, these artists get mixed commercial and critical reactions.

Arabic Jazz :

Arabic Jazz With the passage of time, Arabic Jazz music has also become quite popular. It showcases another example of East meeting the West. Here, various Arabic songs are created using jazz instruments. The use of saxophone denoted the initial influence of Jazz in Arabic music. Musicians like Samir Suroor used jazz in the ‘oriental’ style. Today, the use of saxophone can be discovered in the music created by Rida Al Abdallah , Kadim Al Sahir and Abdel Halim Hafez. Initially, Rahbani brothers introduced the first mainstream jazz elements in the Arabic music. Later on, Fairuz worked exclusively on jazz songs. Ziad Rahbani is credited to pioneering oriental jazz movement of today, which famous singers like Latifa , Salma El Mosfi and Rima Khcheich follow too.


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