Arabic Music- History and the Current Pop Culture

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Know about the history of Arabic music. Also, learn about the current Arabic pop music and how it is enticing the music lovers.


Presentation Transcript Arabic Music- History and the Current Pop Culture The contribution of Arabic music to the music industry can never be ignored. Actually, it boasts of a significant history of interaction with various other regional music genres and styles. It is ideal mixture of the music of all the people that make up the Arab world and the music of the Arabs in the Arabian Peninsula. It has also greatly influenced and has been influenced by European music, African music, North African music, Indian music, Turkish, Kurdish, Persian, ancient Greek and ancient Egyptian music.

Arabic music online:

Arabic music online With the availability of the online medium, now listening to Arabic music is easy. Even though you reside in another country or speak a different language, still you can comfortable fulfill your desire to listening to soothing and soulful Arabic music. Simply use the power of internet to search for Arabic music online . You are sure to land over a credible platform that provides a wide array of Arabic music compositions and songs by various prominent artists.

History of Arabic Music:

History of Arabic Music The history of Arabic music can be founded dating back to the pre Islamic period which is also regarded as Jahiliyyah . Even though there is no concrete scientific evidence to prove the existence of Arabic music during those eras, still large numbers of prominent historians believe that in the pre Islamic period, between the 5 th and 7 th century AD, there were specific forms of music in the Arabian Peninsula. During that time, the Arabic poets used to recite poems containing significantly high musical tone and rhythm.

Arabic Pop Music:

Arabic Pop Music When you talk about Arabic pop music, it was during the 1950s and 60s that the music started taking on a more western tone. Famous singers like Dalida paved way for the westernization of Arabic music. With the arrival of the 1970s, various other singers started adopting pop music and Arabic pop came into being. This form of pop music comprised of Western styled songs with the use of Arabic lyrics and instruments. The melodies were often an amalgam of Western and Eastern music. Today, Arabic pop has become extremely popular not only in the Arabic countries, but also in different parts of Europe, specifically in countries where there is significant expat community like France. If you too are fond or Arabic music, including Arabic pop music, you can conveniently tune in to Arabic music radio or utilize the online medium to listen to your favorite Arabic songs! Read More :- / Online Arabic Video Arabic video clips Best Arabic Music online Arabic Music online

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