Promote your cattle health with best cattle feed supplement

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Promote you cattle health and growth with the best cattle supplement "Vitagin". It is available with Anfotal Nutritions where other than this you get other vital supplements. For more details call on 9990254330 or call us on:-


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Promote your cattle health with best cattle feed supplement Dairy farmers can feed it to animals every day but alone feed can’t help your cattle to live longer and promotes health and growth. In addition to feeding you need cattle feed supplement which enhances the power of feed and provides a better health and growth of your cattle. The importance of vitamin and mineral supplementation is underestimated by most of the cattle farmers. With this ignorance vitamin and mineral deficiency often go on increasing under the hood and it slowly causes a reduction in growth and efficiency and depresses the immune system which weakens the body and reduces the ability to fight with the disease. Now you are thinking where you can get this vital supplement for your cattle Anfotal Nutritions is the answer of your question which provides you a very vital supplement “Vitagin” which is a unique blended mixture of essential vitamins and chelated mineral like Vitamin A D E cobalt copper iodine iron magnesium and other vital nutrients which are formulated for enhancing body weight growth and reproduction. Dairy cattle are an important component of the food industry and nutrition plays a very important role in the performance health of dairy cattle. Keeping in mind about the variation in dairy cattle and the environment in which they are maintained it is very important to pay attention to their health requirement and to ensure that they met that requirement. Health benefits which are associated with the consumption of Vitagin are as follows: 1: - Improves Milk Yield

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2: - Helps for better growth 3: - Increase health and immunity 4: - Better fertility in females 5: - Better strengths in bullocks 6: - Enhances additional stress-bearing capacity. Let’s explore some of the best benefits of the nutrients. 1: Vitamin A: - It helps skin and mucous membranes to stay healthy. It can be added to the mineral mix in a stabilized form to prevent oxidation. 2: Vitamin D: - It aids the absorption of calcium and phosphorus from the intestine and their deposition in the bone marrow. 3: Vitamin E: - It is usually present in the diet in sufficient quantities for all classes of cattle. It is helpful for short-term periods of stress that may occur when calves are co-mingled. Other essential vitamins including water-soluble vitamins are usually present in adequate quantities in the diet or are synthesized by bacteria in the rumen. Uses and Administration: - For Livestock like Camel Horse Cow Buffaloes: - 30gm/Animal Through Feed: 1kg to 2kg ton of feed. For the best result use as directed or as advised by a veterinary doctor

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