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Anfotal Nutritions, a leading manufacturer of best health supplement for poultry. This supplement provides the best health and growth for the poultry birds. Here you have an option to choose various types of health supplement for animals, livestock and other different small or large animals.


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Best Health supplement for Poultry Looking For the best poultry feed supplement for a better health and growth Anfotal Nutritions presents “Feton” a revolutionary hematinic tonic for poultry. This Supplement can be used among all types of poultry birds like chicks layers and broilers which is very efficient in maintaining a good health body growth and increases immunity to fight against diseases. It contains many vital nutrients and minerals like Chelated calcium Cobalt Biotin Folic Acid and many more. By consuming this supplement to animal’s various health advantages are associated with it which are described below. 1. Increases the blood formation by improvement of haemoglobin in the blood 2. Enhances Hatchability 3. Enhances Egg Production 4. Reduces FCR 5. Removed Iron Deficiency 6. Increases growth of red blood cells Uses Administration: - For Poultry 1. Chicks: - 50ml 2. Growers: - 100ml 3. Broiler: - 150ml 4. Layers: - 150ml 5. Breeders: - 200ml

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