Amazing Android TV Box Amazon Fire TV Tips and Hidden Features

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Are you using Android TV box amazon fire tv user? Then today we introduce some tips and hidden features of Amazon fire tv. Apart from this, if you want more information on amazon fire tv tips then you can contact us anytime. To get more details you can visit


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Android TV Box Amazon Fire TV Tips for Streaming Fans

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As we know, Android TV has the similar function of a Smartphone. The users can easily perform Android TV box setup . Moreover, the users can watch numerous streaming contents along with several categories. However, nothing is impossible to play on an android device. It has Google app store where you can get everything kind of android app.

Disable Auto-Playing Video :

Disable Auto-Playing Video The latest devices android boxes come with many advanced features. However, Android TV has support for Android TV box Kodi and side load APK files. Watching something on the big screen and suddenly unnecessary videos start playing, this is a very irritating thing on Android TV.

Steps to Disable Auto-Playing Video :

Steps to Disable Auto-Playing Video Go to Home screen of Andy TV Then visit Settings menu by using android remote In the settings, click on Preferences section and disable the auto play video option.

Change the Name:

Change the Name If you have bought an android based device like Kindle Fire, Kindle then you must confuse between your same account names. So this is a big problem when you going to buy streaming apps or Android TV box channels . Steps to Change the Name Turn on your devices such as PC or computer After that, go to “Manage Your Content and Devices page” settings. Now select your “device” then click on the edit link. Simply the new name which is the best work for you.

Delete Voice searches:

Delete Voice searches When you use voice search feature from your remote, the best Android box keeps storing the searched data. This may not comfort for any user. Further, you have the option to delete voice searches from your device. Simply go to “Manage Your Content and Devices page” from the desktop. Then choose your device name and visit Manage Voice Recordings option. Afterwards, delete all voice search history.

Get Voice search on android streaming stick:

Get Voice search on android streaming stick Some streaming device does not allow voice search feature. But you can add this feature in many other ways. However, the users need to buy Alexa Voice Remote for Android TV Box Amazon . Otherwise, you can use voice search through your Smartphone. Just go to Google app store and download Amazon App store for Android. Then install the downloaded app and launch the app to use the voice search feature.

Install Side Load Apps:

Install Side Load Apps Well, the android device has the ability to install side load apps. The side load apps are those apps, which included in APK format. You can download the necessary apps from your android browser. In case, if you are unable to find the required app from Google app store, then go to your browser and type official address of the app. You will find an apk file just download the file and install side load apps on android tv box Amazon .

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So, these are some interesting tips for an Android TV. You can use android streaming tricks whenever you need. For more tips and tricks about Android TV box, you should visit our official site .

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