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Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity : 

Introduction Disaster Types Plan Formats Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

What is Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity? : 

Preparation for the unexpected Good business sense Misunderstood Underutilized Absolutely necessary What is Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity?

Definitions : 

Business Continuity Planning: “The documentation of a predetermined set of instructions or procedures that describe how an organization’s business functions will be sustained during and after significant disruption” - NIST Disaster Recovery Planning: “A written plan for processing critical applications in the event of a major hardware or software failure or destruction of facilities” - NIST Definitions

Comparisons/Differences : 

Disaster Recovery Business Continuity Larger scope Overall functions of the business - more than IT functions Includes DRP and BIA (business impact analysis). Preparation Focused on the disaster IT functions Saving lives Supports the BCP Preparation Comparisons/Differences

Business Impact Analysis : 

A crucial piece of the BCP, the BIA is a gathering of all processes of a given organization, and the prioritization of each. Performing a Threat and Risk Assessment Report Identifying the threats and risks Vetting the probabilities Mitigation Downtime and Recovery Identifying MTD RPO and RTO Business Impact Analysis

Types of Disasters : 

Natural Disasters: The first type of disaster many of us think of . Severe weather, like tornadoes or flooding Earthquakes or fires Even illness outbreaks. Types of Disasters

Severe Weather : 

Preparation is critical for severe weather. Predictability is not exact Weather is seasonal, and with high expectancy Weather can cause secondary issues Severe Weather

Geological Disasters : 

Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Landslides Less predictable, often larger scale Geological Disasters

Types of Disasters cont. : 

Man-Made Disasters: Initiated by people or organizations. Political and Social origin Hazardous events Utility failure Types of Disasters cont.

Terrorism and War : 

Terrorism and War

Man-Made Disasters cont. : 

Hazardous events, including Fire and Haz-Mat Utility failure Man-Made Disasters cont.

Standards and Formats : 

NIST ISO Plan formats Standards and Formats



ISO : 


Formats : 

Disaster Recovery Planning Business Continuity Planning Business Impact Analysis and More Formats

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