10 Tips to Increase Android Battery Life (Tips & Tricks)


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Do you know why your Android phone’s battery gets low so quickly? Are you looking for some useful tips that can really help you increase your Android phone’s battery life? When it comes to preserving phone battery, people have been known to get a little crazy. However, below 12 mentioned tips will help you to save battery life on Android Phone and will make your Android last longer. 10 Tips to Increase Android Battery Life (Tips & Tricks)

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1 – Avoid Auto Screen Brightness & Adjust it Manually Though Auto Brightness sounds useful but it is suggested that you must avoid it because auto brightness is much brighter than the brightness you actually need. Therefore, you should adjust the brightness as per your requirement. This is one of the coolest tips to save battery life because screen is the biggest sucker of the battery.

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2 – Use Black Wallpaper If you own a phone that has AMOLED screen then it is good news that you save a lot amount of battery. You can make use of dark or black wallpaper because AMOLED screen only light up the colored pixels and if you use black wallpaper then it won’t light-up and therefore the black pixel will reduce the battery consumption and will help you to save battery power.

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3 - Use Basic Battery Saving Mode There are limited battery saving features available in Android but you can at least enable some of the basic battery saving modes as it will help you to reduce the battery consumption when you are not using your phone.

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4 – Turn OFF Smart Features Though everybody want their Android phone to be smart enough, but it is not important to remain smart all the time. You must “Turn OFF” the smart features like smart scrolling, air gesture specifically when you own Samsung phone. If you are not using smart features daily then they are unnecessarily consuming your battery, so turn them OFF.

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You should enable Lock Screen notification as they will help you to save some power of your battery, specifically when you have AMOLED screen. This feature will help you to see notification at a glance and you do not need to unlock every time to see the complete screen. This feature is very useful when you get notification frequently. 5 – Make use of Lock Screen Notifications

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If you are looking to really save some amount of battery power then you can switch OFF Vibrations until and unless you really need them. Apart from this switch off other features like buzz vibration that occur when you type something on your phone. 6 – Turn OFF Vibration and Other Haptic Features

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If you believe that saving few bucks is valuable then spending more money on original battery then you are thinking wrong. If you’re original battery has been damaged or not working then you should go for original battery and not for Non-original battery because it can damaged your smartphone and it will also provide poor battery performance. Hence, you should always use original battery.   7 – Avoid using Non-Original Batteries

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It is not important that you should remain connected all the time. You should “Turn OFF” connectivity features such as mobile data, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC, GPS, etc. You should turn ON these features only when you need them. It is you who better know when to get connected and when not to. It will help you to save a good amount of battery power. 8 – Not Important to Remain Connected 24/7

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You should keep your phone apps updated. There is a reason behind, why developer releases apps update and most of the time it is related to new features added, memory and battery optimization. On the other hand uninstall unwanted apps that you do not use because they consume the battery power and mobile RAM. 9 – Try to Keep the Updated Apps

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Well, it is easy to say but difficult to maintain. You might be checking your phone for new notification, browsing internet unnecessarily all through the day on your Android phone. Try to avoid getting mobile addicted and this will definitely going to save some battery power. 10 – Don’t Be so Mobile Addicted

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If you are able to follow above mentioned tips, rule and tricks as much as possible then you can save a lot amount of battery time and you will see that your battery life is growing. Conclusion

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