Does your home need Waterproofing?


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Not all structures around us are well secured with waterproofing techniques. It is a necessity that homeowners invest in waterproofing systems for their homes. Your home is at risk of water damage without proper installation of a waterproofing system. A good waterproofing system not only minimises water damage but even prevents growth of black mould. Know more here


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Does your home need Waterproofing?:

Does your home need Waterproofing? Paint With Pride

Common issues due to water:

Common issues due to water Water Leakages Cracks in the walls Disturbance in the basic structure Damaging of paint coating Paint With Pride

Why invest in waterproofing?:

Why invest in waterproofing? It minimizes water damage. It prevents growth of mould . It reduces risk of wall damage due to rains. Paint With Pride

Factors to consider before waterproofing:

Factors to consider before waterproofing Paint With Pride Climate Landscape Weather Terrain

Methods for waterproofing basement walls:

Methods for waterproofing basement walls Check your basement for any sign of cracks and gaps for water to leak through. If cracks are found, apply a waterproof compound to fill the gap. Suitable waterproof compounds are available in local hardware stores. Paint With Pride

Methods for waterproofing…continued:

Methods for waterproofing…continued You can even use waterproof mixtures from these stores. B ut waterproof mixtures does not get mixed well with a painted wall . Therefore, remove the paint before the waterproof mixture is applied. Paint With Pride

Ways to protect exterior decks from damages:

Ways to protect exterior decks from damages Waterproof the deck foundations during construction. Select appropriate commercial deck waterproofing product. Clean the deck prior to commercial deck waterproofing system installation. Paint With Pride

Ways to protect…continued:

Ways to protect…continued Apply the commercial deck waterproofing product following product instructions Regularly check roofs and walls for any sign of leakages Check the commercial deck waterproofing system for any sign of damage Enlist the help of experts in commercial deck waterproofing Paint With Pride

Bonus Tips:

Bonus Tips Prices for hiring a waterproofing consultant varies according to location and needs . If you hire waterproofing consultant from other areas, compensation for travel expenses is expected. Never try performing tasks on your own. Paint With Pride


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