Jerry Bennett's Days of Uncertainty and Dread

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Days of Uncertainty and Dread:

Days of Uncertainty and Dread Jerry Bennett The Ordeal E ndured by C itizens at Gettysburg

James Gettys:

James Gettys


Gettysburg Economic Diversity Advanced infrastructure & services Geographic location Incorporated in 1800 Population Diversity

Chambersburg St.:

Chambersburg St.

York St.:

York St.

Baltimore St.:

Baltimore St.

Carlisle St.:

Carlisle St.

Lutheran Theological Seminary:

Lutheran Theological Seminary

Pennsylvania College:

Pennsylvania College N. Washington St.

June 15-30:

June 15-30 “Unmistakable signs” Early warnings of Confederate Invasion The town takes action to protect itself The first Confederate occupation of Gettysburg An emotional seesaw precedes the arrival of contending armies

Early warnings of Confederate Invasion:

Early warnings of Confederate Invasion June 12- Gov. Curtin issued a state wide warning of possible invasion June 15- Curtin calls for volunteers June 16- First alarms of “Rebels are coming”

Sallie Myers:

Sallie Myers “The town was in a perfect uproar. The excitement was intense for awhile but gradually subsided when the alarm proved false.”

Fannie Buehler:

Fannie Buehler “When the Rebs did not come we lost faith in their coming… We tried to make ourselves believe that they would never come.”

PowerPoint Presentation:

The town takes action to protect itself

Chambersburg Pike:

Chambersburg Pike Looking west from McPherson’s Ridge

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Chambersburg Pike Confederate’s First View of Gettysburg

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Chambersburg Street at Buford:

Chambersburg Street at Buford Rebels enter Gettysburg

Catherine Foster:

Catherine Foster “The suspense grew intolerable to which the battle proved a relief.”

Confederate Infantry Arrives on Seminary Ridge:

Confederate Infantry Arrives on Seminary Ridge

South Washington Street:

South Washington Street Buford’s Entry into Gettysburg

Albertus McCreary:

Albertus McCreary “…Not anyone even dreamed that a great battle would be fought near us.”

July 1:

July 1 “An Awful Reality” A normal day turned upside down The wounded and the humanitarian response by Gettysburg’s women Varied behavior among many citizens Violent fighting in Gettysburg’s streets Union soldiers hidden at great risk by citizens

Scott/McAllister House - 1st Block Chambersburg St. #43-45:

Scott/McAllister House - 1 st Block Chambersburg St. #43-45

Christ Lutheran:

Christ Lutheran 1 st block Chambersburg St. 1 st Church opened for a hospital

John Burns:

John Burns

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Violent fighting in the streets of Gettysburg

PowerPoint Presentation:

North End Washington Street 1 st Corps Retreat

Baltimore Street:

Baltimore Street Looking north from Cemetery Hill 11 th Corps retreat route

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Home of Professor Jacobs

PowerPoint Presentation:

Union soldiers hidden at great risk by citizens

Catherine Garlach Alex Schimmelfennig:

Catherine Garlach Alex Schimmelfennig

Garlach woodshed:

Garlach woodshed

Alice Powers:

Alice Powers “At night all was quiet but the tramp of guards reminded the town that its citizens were prisoners.”

July 2nd:

July 2nd “O’ How I Dread Tomorrow” Life under enemy occupation Citizens’ mobility in Gettysburg, not evenly accessible Living in a combat zone No one is safe from errant artillery A rare night battle spoils sleep for the town

Baltimore St. from Jennie Wade:

Baltimore St. from Jennie Wade

Union Skirmish Line:

Union Skirmish Line Intersection of Baltimore Street. & Steinwehr Ave.

Jennie Wade:

Jennie Wade

July 3rd:

July 3rd “The Heavens and Earth Were Crashing Together” A putrid atmosphere “Putting forth all their might” The Confederates were “sullen and gloomy”

Sarah Broadhead:

Sarah Broadhead “We knew that with every explosion human beings were hurried through excruciating pain into another world and many more were mangled and lying in torment worse than death. The thought made me very sad. We knew that the Confederates were putting forth all their might and it was a dreadful thought that they might succeed.”

PowerPoint Presentation:

The Confederates were “sullen and gloomy”

Stoever House:

Stoever House

July 4th:

July 4th “Resurrected From An Untold Ordeal” “…I knew we were now safe…” Serious dangers still prevailed “…a dreadfully long day…”

Serious dangers still prevailed:

Serious dangers still prevailed

“A dreadfully long day…”:

“A dreadfully long day…” “Day is ended and all is quiet, and for the first time in a week I shall go to bed feeling safe…” -Sarah Broadhead

July 5th:

July 5th “The People Of Gettysburg Assisted In Everyway” A second invasion Debilitating conditions Aftermath

A second invasion:

A second invasion

“…tis not the same quiet old place as it was.”:

“…tis not the same quiet old place as it was.”

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