Welcome to the colony of New Jersey

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Welcome to the colony of New Jersey By Andrew O’Leary :

Welcome to the colony of New Jersey By Andrew O’Leary Established in 1664


History New Jersey was established in 1664 The Founders were: Lord Berkeley & Sir George Carteret It was one of the colonies that joined the American Revolutionary War in 1776 Dutch Colony of the New Netherland was seized by the British in1664 Settled By Dutch & Swedish Settlers

Environment :

Environment Beaches Shoreline Gardens Coastlines

Government :

Government The province was soon after this divided into two parts in 1676: East Jersey, which was retained by Carteret, and West Jersey, which now became the property of the Quakers The first assembly met in 1668, and the severity of the code of laws adopted plainly indicated the Puritan domination of the colony. The first settlements in New Jersey were made by the Dutch along the western bank of the Hudson

Location :

Location New Jersey is on the coastline NE Section Next to New York

Climate :

Climate Winter- 26 °F Summer- 65°F Spring- 42°F Fall- 47°F

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