A Job Portal Offering Jobs and Sponsor Visa in USA for Free

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www.HireRightStaff.com A job portal offering jobs and sponsor visa in USA for free

Mission Statement:

Mission Statement www.HireRightStaff.com is a job portal for non-USA born job seekers, who have completed their undergrad, grad or Ph.D. in United States and currently seeks sponsorships and employment. They have experience in their related field, higher education in United States and currently combining the two, looking to become fruitful members in USA community via job market and to make the “American Dream” a reality. This is a job portal, which connects Sponsors-employers, with candidates looking for jobs in USA and trying to get visa.

How can I become a member?:

How can I become a member? The membership is FREE. As a job seeker or an Employer, you can Register with www.HireRightStaff.com Provide your email (required), create a username and agree to the HireRightStaff.com terms and conditions. If you are the Job seeker – fill up as much data you can and upload your resume. If you are the Employer – you can view your potential employees and download their resume. Search, apply and start finding your next job…starting today! www.HireRightStaff.com is available to everyone! Setting up a HireRightStaff.com account simply requires an email to sign up. Registered users can build a resume or upload a resume in a compatible format for submission across most Employers. To search for potential job matches, seekers can look for positions through a variety of methods including agency, job type, location or salary range.

Want to learn more?:

Want to learn more? Register, login and search for Jobs in USA at www.HireRightStaff.com One of the most challenging things for Internationals during job search is to find the list of companies that can sponsor H1B/TN/F1 visas. Especially with the New H1B visa rules, it is getting tighter and tighter to land a job. This is a job portal for you, if you are Student on F1 visa /OPT trying to find a sponsor L1 visa holder trying to find a potential H1B visa sponsor to change status H4 visa holder trying to find a sponsor to enter the workforce H1B visa holder trying to change employer… Any other visa holder like TN, F2, etc trying to get H1B visa sponsorship. One of the things we always wonder during job search is to get the magic list of H1B visa sponsors and whether or not Employers are willing to sponsor or not – Then this is the portal for you.


Opportunities There is plenty of Jobs in USA but Before you can start planning any paid work in the US, you need to be aware of America's difficult visa situation. The information available on www.HireRighStaff.com website that could help you plan and shape up your life. There is information about Jobs in USA, how to get USA visa and what visa could be better for you. Reading the blog or looking through the summerjobs could be helpful.

Goals and Objectives:

Goals and Objectives At www.HireRightStaff.com the idea is to give candidate more opportunity through information. An opportunity for you to apply for jobs that has always been your dream. Provide employers a better change to find cream candidates from the pool of global resources. It also means perhaps cheaper resources not necessarily in terms of quality. It’s a win-win situation for both.

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