Node JS For Real Time Mobile App Development

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Logistic Infotech Pvt. Ltd. described some of the main concept on Node JS which is Run-time JavaScript to support server side web and mobile app development services.


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Node JS For Real Time Mobile App Development

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Node.js is basically a runtime environment JavaScript for developing server side web applications.

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We can also say that JavaScript is usually limited to a browser only. What Node JS developers did that was allowed it to run on the computer instead.

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In Browser it can only access your web page.

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However it can open files listen to http requests access databases etc while coupled with chrome’s V8 engine. This makes node special than any other.

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JavaScript on server can achieve a lot while scoring high on speed.

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Node.js became famous in modern web- connected applications which need to fetch data from different sources assemble it and push it to many clients in real-time.

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Who Invented Node and Why

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Ryan Dahl has developed the Node.js

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The main reason why he developed Node.js is after noticing the loading bar of Flicker which did not show exactly how much data has been uploaded.

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Why We Use Node

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Node can help to boost speed and reduces the cost with JavaScript on both sides.

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Node Provides Real-time data with low latency. Node can efficiently handle concurrent requests.

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Advantages of using Node JavaScript

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Extremely good for chat and game applications

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Real-time trans-coding for multimedia applications

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Scalable Node.js is suitable for making a large scale lightweight and faster system which demands real-time response.

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Examples Who are Using Node.js…

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NETFLIX Netflix is currently leading the efforts around its UI’s transition to Node.js.

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Uber Older version of Uber had a MySQL clubbed architecture with a PHP framework. When Users increased PHP can not simply handle the large volume of concurrent requests. This made Uber Shift to the Node.

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Mozilla Firefox A well known internet browser - Mozilla Firefox has implemented Node.js to support browser APIs which has half a billion installations.

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Go Daddy Go Daddy – need 10X less servers in their infrastructure than with their traditional hosting infrastructure.

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Linked In With the help of Node LinkedIn is handling 20 times more load on 4 boxes than earlier time.

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NodeJS is the perfect technology for modern day startups which relies heavily on asynchronous input-output operations.

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Those startups who are currently on a high growth phase and want to scale up can look up to node.

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Logistic Infotech Pvt. Ltd. • Logistic Infotech Pvt. Ltd. Has developed many applications and websites using Node. • You can see the portfolio of Logistic Infotech Pvt. Ltd. which is top Mobile Application Development Company in India.

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