Mobile App Development With Ionic Framework


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Logistic Infotech is presenting slide about the ionic framework for mobile app development.


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Mobile App Development With Ionic Framework:

Mobile App Development With Ionic Framework

Why Mobile Apps:

Why Mobile Apps No wonder, why mobile apps are high demanded in the digital market. To overcome this demanding trend, all are going to the way of mobile app development. Everybody is thinking about mobile apps and want to make million dollars in their business. But, that’s not an easy task as you are thinking. Mobile application development is not a cup of tea, it takes high efforts to make an application perfect as per the requirements.

Building Mobile Apps:

Building Mobile Apps The main thing is that we are ordinary people and can’t develop mobile applications easily. We don’t have enough knowledge about Java, Objective-C, etc. We want to make an app which can run everywhere but can’t do it for thousands of reasons.

Native Apps:

Native Apps Native apps are platform specific Respective development tools Good performance Time consuming apps Expensive app development

Let’s Go For Hybrid:

Let’s Go For Hybrid

What Is Hybrid:

What Is Hybrid Hybrid apps are platform independent like iOS, Android etc. It uses HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript It has limited performance It can be developed quickly compared to native apps. We can directly access the native APIs with the use of Cordova.

Native Vs. Hybrid:

Native Vs. Hybrid Do you want to develop an app which supports all of the major platforms and mobile web too?? Then why don’t you try Hybrid mobile apps once!!!

Hybrid Mobile App Development:

Hybrid Mobile App Development

Angular JS:

Angular JS

What Is Angular JS:

What Is Angular JS Angular JS is one of the best MVC framework. It is developed by Google and the community. Features: Two way binding Data binding Directives filters Attach Code behind to DOM element Repeating DOM elements Templates Services DI & Testability

Apache Cordova:

Apache Cordova Apache Cordova is the platform for building native mobile apps using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.



What Is Ionic:

What Is Ionic The ionic is an open source framework for developing hybrid mobile applications with the use of Angular JS, Sass and Cordova. Ionic is the front-end framework for mobile applications. It contains components like HTML, CSS, JS. It uses Angular JS for powering up the mobile apps. Ionic mainly uses Cordova to create, build, run, deploy the mobile applications.

Advantages of Ionic Framework:

Advantages of Ionic Framework Here are some of the advantages of using ionic framework for hybrid mobile app development . Best friends with Angular JS UI components are mostly Angular JS Directives. Its ever ready to work with your app.

Performance Obsessed:

Performance Obsessed Animations with hardware accelerated Minimal DOM manipulation Zero jQuery

Multiple Device Resolution:

Multiple Device Resolution Ionic solves the problem of the multiple device resolution.

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