Overview of Unit Plan

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This is an overview of the final project for the class.


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An Overview of the Unit Plan: 

An Overview of the Unit Plan This is an overview of the requirements for the final class project, the Unit Plan.

Unit Overview: 

Unit Overview Unit Overview Content Area Unit Title Target Course/Grade Level Unit Summary Primary Interdisciplinary Connections Unit Rationale

Learning Targets: 

Learning Targets Learning Targets Standards CCLS for ELA, NYS Social Studies, NYS Arts Unit Essential Questions Unit Learning Targets

Evidence of Learning: 

Evidence of Learning Evidence of Learning Summative Assessment Equipment Needed Teacher Resources Formative Assessments

Lesson Plans: 

Lesson Plans Lesson Plans Name of Lesson Time Frame Teacher Notes Curriculum Development Resources Links to resources

Lesson Plan #1 - #4: 

Lesson Plan #1 - #4 Content Area Lesson Title Timeframe Overview Standards Vocabulary Lesson Components Interdisciplinary Connections Integration of Technology Equipment needed

Lesson Plan #1 - #4: 

Lesson Plan #1 - #4 Goals/Objectives For the students Learning Activities/Instructional Strategies Identify the sequence of activities Formative Assessment Tasks Identify formative assessment tasks

Lesson Plan #1 - #4: 

Lesson Plan #1 - #4 Differentiation Resources Provided to Students Other Evaluation/Assessment

Lesson Reflection: 

Lesson Reflection This is a checklist for you to use to evaluate and reflect on the lesson plans you have created.