Double Duvet Covers For Your Double Bed

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Duvet covers are exactly that, covers that have an opening in which a blanket or comforter is inserted. The duvet cover is available in every bed size such as California King, King, Queen, Full or Double and both Twin and X-Large Twin. Along with size options come countless design and style options as well. The double duvet cover is normally used in guest, teen, or children's rooms because frequently, only the master bedrooms have queen or king sized beds. When choosing to cover a down comforter or other style blanket for a kid or teen's room, be sure to consider the following tips:


Color The color of the cover should not be lighter than the blanket underneath because often the darker blanket will show through. To avoid this, choose a high quality, thick material duvet cover that will not show what's underneath or, purchase a white down comforter or synthetic filled comforter to place inside. Also, as clean and crisp as it may appear, refrain from using a white duvet in a child's room as the opportunity for staining is quite significant.


Cleaning Speaking of staining, the great thing about your double duvet cover is the ease in which it can be cleaned. No more lugging that heavy comforter to the laundry mat for an industrial sized machine, the duvet simply is removed from the comforter and (following manufacturer's instructions) is usually easily machine washed right at home. When the bedding is being used in a child's room, try to stay away from beading, fringing, or other difficult to wash details because the odds are the label will read dry clean only which just might have you making expensive and time consuming weekly trips to your local dry cleaner.


Fabric Cotton is widely used in the making of double duvet covers. It's durable, washable and most of all, comfortable! Of course there are many other materials that are utilized such as silk, flannel, micro fiber and sateen to name a few. While fabric is a matter of personal taste as well as budget and bedding needs, keep in mind that the higher the thread count, the better the overall durability, quality and longevity you'll receive from your purchase.


Coordinates Choosing the best double duvet cover for your needs may also depend on your existing bedroom decor. If you currently have some bedding pieces such as a bed skirt and want to only update the cover on your comforter, then finding a solid or print that matches should probably be fairly easy because there are so many to choose from. If you are replacing all of your existing bedding, then look for duvet sets. They usually contain a bed skirt or at least two shams (for double and full sizes) that can be purchased at once. Often, the set that you choose will have quite a few other coordinating pieces that can be purchased separately. These items include throw pillows, throw blankets, sheets, dust ruffles, curtains and other window treatments and even bathroom accessories.

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