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Types of personalities and traits


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Dr. Angelo Smith M.D WHPL

Good Personality:

Good Personality Attributes of a person with “Good personality”? Good physique Pleasing manners Personal and Professional integrity Trustworthiness and reliability Good control over body and mind

Healthy Body:

Healthy Body

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Healthy Body:

Healthy Body Nutrition Personal Hygiene Exercising Traditional methods (Yoga, Pranayam etc.) Modern methods (Gym, aerobics, etc.) Walking and jogging

When is mind unhealthy?:

When is mind unhealthy? Agitated mind is unhealthy What agitates human mind? Not getting what one desires Getting what one dislikes Uncontrolled emotions in the mind Continuous accumulation of such likes and dislikes stresses the mind out. Stress agitates the mind Stressed mind is unhealthy

Healthy Mind:

Healthy Mind Stress-free mind is healthy and calm Such calm mind can be controlled more easily De-stressing the mind is needed: Prevention of accumulation of day-to-day complexes Clearing the stockpile of stored complexes

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Know your personality Character traits Behavioral traits Attitudinal Change Integrity Interpersonal Skills Positive Attitude Acceptance Communication Skills Win-win situation Discipline Leadership Qualities Keep the end in mind Dedication Stress and Time management Synergise


TYPES OF PERSONALITY Nine Types Perfectionists Helpers Romantics Achievers Asserters Questioners Adventurers Observers and Peacemakers.

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Perfectionists – are realistic, conscientious and principled Ex: Narayan Murthy – Infosys. Helpers – are warn, concerned, nurturing and sensitive to other people’s needs Ex: Mother Teresa. Achievers – are energetic, optimistic, self assured and goal oriented Ex: Sachin Tendulkar Romantics – have sensitive feelings and are warm and perceptive Ex: M. F. Hussain – great Indian Painter Observers – have a need for knowledge and are introverted, curious, analytical and insightful. Ex: Amartya Sen - Great economist

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Questioners – are responsible and trustworthy. Ex: Shabana Azmi Adventurers – are energetic, lively and optimistic. They want to contribute to the world Ex: Vijay Mallya - NRI businessman. Asserters – are direct, self-reliant, self confident and protective. Ex: T. N. Seshan - Chief Election Commissioner. Peacemakers – are receptive, good-natured and supportive. They seek union with others and the world around them Ex: Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

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25 Holland’s Personality-Job Fit Theory Type Personality Occupations Realistic Investigative Social Conventional Enterprising Artistic Shy, Stable, Practical Analytical, Independent Sociable, Cooperative Practical, Efficient Ambitious, Energetic Imaginative, Idealistic Mechanic, Farmer, Assembly-Line Worker Biologist, Economist, Mathematician Social Worker, Teacher, Counselor Accountant, Manager Bank Teller Lawyer, Salesperson Painter, Writer, Musician

Type A and B:

Type A and B Type A Personality Always moving, walking, and eating rapidly. Feel impatient with the rate at which most events take place. Strive to think or do two or more things at once. Cannot cope with leisure time. Are obsessed with numbers, measuring their success in terms of how many or how much of everything they acquire. Type B Personality Never suffer from a sense of time urgency with its accompanying impatience. Feel no need to display or discuss either their achievements or accomplishments unless such exposure is demanded by the situation. Play for fun & relaxation, instead of exhibit their superiority at any cost. Can relax without guilt.


PERSONALITY TEST This can identify: Value system Emotional reaction to a critical situation Moods and characteristic behaviour traits. Maturity in handling a crisis. Ability to adjust himself to the stress of day-to-day executive lifestyle. Self-confidence, personal ambition, emotional control and sociability etc.

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