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With Nothing but Videoes and blogs . Secrets to getting 3-10 targeted leads a day !!

Who am I? :

Who am I? Im Anders Dakin and I have been working with online marketing for years now . More about that later.. 26 years of age and spend my days with my two beutiful sons Gabriel and Mikael. Below you see pictures of them they are my Why and my life .

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Lived in a 20 m2 1 bedroom apartment In a bad ass neighbour hood . Ruined walls it was a nightmear . I have always been looking for a better way !! Always . So I started my journey and it was NOT easy . I cant say I have reached my financial goal. But I work and find a way . And you can to !! I make enough to pay the bills . And im not starving. 5 Years ago !

So whats my social proof?:

So whats my social proof ?

Made to come on mlsp leader board:

Made to come on mlsp leader board

You see If I can You can to :

You see If I can You can to Now lets talk about what you will get in this video. My daily action of blog posts How I get backlinks etc what software I use . And traffic strategies . So lets get started 

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