The Amazing Andaman Adventure

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The Amazing Andaman Adventure :

The Amazing Andaman Adventure What was once a location dreaded by all Indians, during the freedom struggle, has now turned into a bustling tourist spot. Andaman attracts tourists from all over the globe due to the crystal clear waters, awesome beaches and wide spectrum of underwater sea life; making it a great location for snorkeling, scuba diving and just relaxing on the sandy beaches. The best times are April - July and October - January according to websites. Port Blair, Havelock, Neil, Diglipur and Baratang are some of the famous tourist locations. Continue Reading………….

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I'll share my experiences of a week's vacation to the Andaman islands with two of my colleagues.  We decided on the destination based on a few hours of googling . The prospect of diving in the clear waters was the one thing that interested us the most. We were not too keen on visiting the regular museums, travelling long distances for different spots flocked by hundreds of generic tourists.  I also need to mention that the isles are effectively in a different time zone. Sun rises at 5 and sets at around 4 30 . Continue Reading………….  

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Andaman can be reached from the mainland only through Chennai and Kolkatta . The air route is the preferred option with all major airlines offering flights to Port Blair. The naval route takes about 60 hours from what i heard. All flights are in the morning and the airfare is lesser mid week than the weekends (2X price differential). We booked flights from Chennai with Spicejet . The return journey cost us ~ 12,000. Our planned journey was from Oct 18 - Oct 24.  Continue Reading………….

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My colleague found a brilliant tour organizer - Andaman Excursion. Mr. Mohammed Wasim and Mr. Ganesh customized the package as per our requests. They took care of our travel on the islands, ferries between islands, accommodation, entry tickets etc. They planned the journey perfectly, we were at the right places at the right time. This package cost us 23k for the three of us, which is a pretty good deal. We never had to go through the hassles of standing in queues, finding taxis etc. The accommodation, transport provided was great. Get in touch with this guy if you are planning a vacation to the Andamans . Continue Reading………….

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As it happened, we missed the flight from Chennai on 18th. Torrential rains in Chennai left the city flooded, our train from Bangalore was delayed 4 hours and even the roads to the airport were jammed due to knee high water logging. (At the outset. I'd like to express my dislike towards the swindling taxi drivers of Chennai and the city in general :-/ ). We ended up booking the Air India flight for the 19th. (We also ended up spending a day in a shady lodge in " Pallavaram "). Due to this our travel around Port Blair was cut short . Thank You

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