Study loan for higher studies in India

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Study loan for higher studies in India :

Study loan for higher studies in India

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Education plays a major role in crafting the future of a person and the nation. A well educated generation can give a shinning future to the nation. Higher education courses, especially those for professional training and in premium institutes, tend to come with a heavy expenditure on fees and accommodation. In such cases, taking a higher education loan in India is a good option.

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Public and private sector banks and Non-Banking Finance Companies offer both education as well as vocational loans to students for regular degree as well as post-graduation courses by recognized universities in India. education loan scheme also cover courses such as medicine, engineering and diploma courses like nursing, business management, pilot training, etc.

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The study loan for higher studies in India scheme covers education fees purchase of books and laptops, examination and library charges other expenses such as study tours and even lodging and boarding expenses. The parents are opting for Higher Education Loan India and encouraging self-dependence of the child

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An eligible candidate can get the loan within five to fifteen days The co-borrower gets tax benefit. 1% service charge is applicable The borrower is given a holiday/moratorium period of six months to one year after completion . The lending organizations reduce the interest rates if it is for the premium institutes like Indian Institute of Technology, Indian Institute of Management . The female candidates are also given . 5 to 1% concession in the interest rate.

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The credit score of the borrower and the co-borrower is maintained and the collateral is kept safe in case of higher amounts. In case of loan amount within Rs. 4lakh even security is not required. “Neither a borrower nor a lender be” William Shakespeare had written in Hamlet . Trying to go by that, however, seems to be an impossible task. If one wants to pursue a premium course of aviation, engineering, medicine, management, etc., from the premium institutes one has to take the higher education loan to overcome the stumbling block.

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