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January –May 2007 1st Lyceum of Menemeni-Thessaloniki

Not a class blog but a school blog : 

Not a class blog but a school blog Teachers involved in project have created the blog Teachers and students put articles in english and french

E-zine : 

E-zine A lot of articles written by students who have become journalists Articles but not only about their country or town

Webquest about Food Labeling : 

Webquest about Food Labeling Two teachers worked on health education and especially on Food Labelling Students answered questionnaires, worked out them searching on web and made a presentation about their conclusions,

Shared courses in French : 

Shared courses in French announcements tests documents forums

Articles in common blogs : 

Articles in common blogs blog for schools'activities blog for students'activities blog for teachers'activities

E-twinning : 

E-twinning Visiting our twinspace Putting announcements

Using digital tools : 

Using digital tools You tube –upload videos Think free-hosts ppt etc Author STREAM-hosts ppt Fine tune-create your own playlist Flickr-share your photos and create a slideshow

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Thanks for your attention

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