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Menemeni Presentation of our area


Menemeni came from M Asia. In 1922 was a big town with 9.387 inhabitants From whom 2.500 were Greek. Now in the area of Thessaloniki, Menemeni has up to 14.000 inhabitants.


Here you can see the town hall of Menemeni. Our mayor is Giorgos Aktselis. This is the first town hall of Menemeni because in the past Menemeni had little area.


This is the church of Sainte- Paraskevi. It was constructed in the 18th century. The old church was very small. The inhabitants who came from M. Asia constructed the Columns of the church with milk and gold instead of water.


Metropolitan of Smirnis Chrisostomos was died of martyr for his country Greece. For this the inhabitants constructed his status in front of the church.


This building is the area where the elderly go there to pass their free time. In the second floor there is the surgeries of Menemeni. Finally in the basement there is the municipal gymnasium where can go the elderly and the children.


The railway of trains cross Menemeni Also in Menemeni there are his engine- rooms.


This is our school the 1st and the only Lyceum of Menemeni which is a building with spacious classes. It has new ways of teaching with televisions and videos. Also in the evening it works as frontistirio.


Menemeni has two high schools. This is the 2nd high school which is constructed in 2002.


One of the four primary school is this. It is a new building which is going to consecrate In few days.


Finally this is the 3rd kindergarten where the kids from 5 to 7 years old can go.

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