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CompTIA N10-007 Dumps CompTIA Network+ N10-007 CompTIA N10-007 Dumps | N10-007 Dumps PDF


Exam Codes N10-007 Number of Questions Maximum of 90 questions Type of Questions Multiple Choice Questions Length of Test 90 Minutes Passing Score 720 (on a scale of 100-900) Languages English , German, Japanese Price $ 319 USD Exam Details CompTIA N10-007 Dumps | N10-007 Dumps PDF


CompTIA N10-007 Dumps | N10-007 Dumps PDF CompTIA Network+ N10-007 has been updated and reorganized to address the current networking technologies with expanded coverage of several domains by adding : Critical security concepts to helping networking professionals work with security practitioners Key cloud computing best practices and typical service models Coverage of newer hardware and virtualization techniques Concepts to give individuals the combination of skills to keep the network resilient Exam Description


CompTIA N10-007 Dumps | N10-007 Dumps PDF Question: 1 A network technician has salvaged several Ethernet cables from a datacenter. The technician attempts to use the cables to connect desktops to the network without success. Which of the following is MOST likely the issue? A. The cables have an incorrect pin-out. B. The cables are UTP instead of STP. C. The cables are Cat 6 instead of Cat 5. D. The cables are not plenum rated. Answer: A


CompTIA N10-007 Dumps | N10-007 Dumps PDF Question: 2 A network administrator has had difficulty keeping track of IP address assignments on networking devices and clients recently. Which of the following is the BEST technology to aid in this scenario? A. DNS B. DHCP C. IPAM D. NTP Answer: C


CompTIA N10-007 Dumps | N10-007 Dumps PDF Question: 3 Users in a school lab are reporting slow connections to the servers and the Internet. Other users in the school have no issues. The lab has 25 computers and is connected with a single 1Gb Ethernet connection on Cat 5e wiring to an unmanaged switch. There are also three spare Cat 5e cable runs, which are not in use . The school wants to double the connection speed between the lab and the servers without running new cables. Which of the following would be the BEST solution? A. Plug in a second spare cable at each end to double the speed. B. Replace the switches with ones that utilize port bonding and use the spare cables. C. Replace the switches with 10Gb switches and utilize the existing cabling. D. Plug in a second cable and set one port to TX and one port to RX. Answer: B


CompTIA N10-007 Dumps | N10-007 Dumps PDF Question: 4 A technician is downloading an ISO from a vendor’s website. To ensure the integrity of the download, which of the following should be verified? A. File size B. Vendor URL C. File hashing D. Encryption Answer: C


CompTIA N10-007 Dumps | N10-007 Dumps PDF Question: 5 A network administrator is assigned to run and connect a Cat 6e Ethernet cable between two nodes in a datacenter . Which of the following connector types should the network administrator use to terminate this cable? A. DB-9 B. RS-232 C. DB-25 D. RJ-45 Answer: D


CompTIA N10-007 Dumps CompTIA Network+ N10-007

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